We’re in this together!

Please post any testimony you have so far of taking baby steps to raw.

Testimony Videos:

Click on picture below for video on my healing from asthma and allergies!

Healed of Asthma

Constipation issues!

Constip final

Menstruation issues:

Bloated n Angry




Below are my third round updates of attempting Raw vegan diet or lifestyle preferably.  I posted monthly updates on this trial, and am continuing to do so.  The video links are below… As well as other videos regarding raw food.  Click on the pics below for the videos.

000first month raw vegan     2nd month raw vegan

20130808-195008.jpg     photo (11)
Month 5

Loving 80/10/10

Nov 16, 2012 – Uploaded by Raw Jenni
Update on Raw Jenni’s 52 week challenge to going 100% raw!

More Videos:

Colorado River tour – quick video:


Overview of our Grand Canyon hike (video):


Before and After Section:

Before the 52 week challenge…

– Jen – 63% raw.

~~~~By Week 33, Jen is 99% raw, doing the 80/10/10 version of a raw food lifestyle.

– Mar Arco – 30% raw.  Keep it up!

Eagle – 48% raw.

– Trisha J (mom) – 37% raw.

Cheryl Darnell – 41% raw.

Colin Harter – 12% raw.

– Ming Zi  – 69% raw.

– Rashad L – 41% raw.

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Mom & me having Beet, carrot, apple drinks – we have come a LONG way!

Jen’s Health Improvements

There have been so many changes and improvements to my health, I wanted to make note of them here.  Even just doing 6 days raw and then off for the weekend, I notice a huge difference.

Now I’ve been 80/10/10 low fat/ raw/ vegan for since 2012, high raw/gluten free/dairy free since 2010.

Here are the benefits I noticed:

Congestion dropped to zero.  Asthma symptoms also down to almost nothing.

Arthritis symptoms – gone.  (In the past, when I went back to cooked food, I felt them immediately again in my back and neck.  An achy all over feeling.)

Digestion about 300% improved. No constipation at all.  Gassiness minimizes to almost none – especially if I’m watching food combinations (80/10/10 is PERFECT food combinations).

Heartburn & acid reflux – almost zero. 

Teeth – zero sensitivity.

Headaches – zero!

Nausea – zero – I have had bouts of nausea since I was little, but when doing 80/10/10 – none!

Way more energy and better moods. Really even and able to communicate my feelings and deal with conflict head on with grace and directness.

Weight loss and clothes looser – an awesome side effect!

Dry itchy skin – reduced to unnoticeable.

Facial lines smoothed – Takes the years off, and people even commented to how young I looked.

Less body odor – Not that I was ever a really smelly person (as far as I know), but even the breath smells better, and general all over less body odor.  I’ve heard stories of people able to run and not need deoderant when they are all raw.

For even MORE updates on my health improvements through raw food, click on this link below (my RawJenni blog):



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