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Baby Step #4 ~ Good Food Combining

Do you want a lightening fast digestion and metabolism?


Be aware and grow in your awareness of good food combining.

It can truly make a difference in your digestion, and therefore your ability to lose weight if you are looking to do so.  You want a healthy moving digestive track with everything flowing freely, not getting stuck.

The first basic step is to eat fruit alone.  It is best in the morning.  It digests very quickly, and will catch up to other things you have eaten.  (Then it can cause fermentation, gas, bloating, and other fun stuff!)  Thus, keeping it first in the morning is best!  (Unless you eat it all day – like me, but I eat it alone or mixed with tender greens.)

Even fruit needs to be combined properly.  There are several types of fruits.
Here is my food combining song to help master the basics…

Books that I have learned this from (as well as my experience now) are the following:

80/10/10 by Dr. Douglas Graham
Go Fruit Yourself by Freelee

and my own book, sharing my first year of eating this way,

Diary of a Raw Vegan by Raw Jenni (me) is on sale right now for a limited time for $2.99

Find out more about how I got lightening fast metabolism and digestion!



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Gaining Weight Instead of Losing Weight?

If you have been following me for a while, you know that my weight has been “stuck” at this level and not budging. I know I have a little more jiggle to lose, so what’s the deal?

I just saw this video from Plant Based Athlete, and I’m having a major revelation!

I really like this guy’s answer!

He shows how a lot of us eating Raw Til 4 or raw food until dinner, and then a high carb, low fat vegan dinner may be…

– overestimating our fruit calories and
– underestimating our starchy dinner calories

Thus, causing weight gain or weight “stuckness” (my word).

I like it!

I’m going to investigate this further and see if that’s my issue!

So basically I would need to increase my fruit calories further, and reduce my dinner starches, but weigh them to know for sure where I’m at.

Because perhaps I’m eating over 4000 calories per day, when I think I’m eating 3000.

Yikes! But good to know!

Check out his awesome video which details this further… Especially if your weight is stuck, even though you are raw vegan or raw til dinner.


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SKATING!! 30 Day LEVEL UP Updates, Day 7

Quick updates on the challenge!

I’m loving the changes I’m experiencing with the 20 minutes or less of exercise daily.  The squats only take 3 minutes.

✿   I love how the body adjusts and gets stronger so quickly!
✿   My mood is up overall.
✿   Clothes are looser.
✿   Weight is actually up a bit.

I’m eating more calories… suddenly around 3000 or more a day.  I’m hungrier and adjusting to it all.  Also, I’ve been eating more fat these last few days.  Hopefully that will adjust back down as I learn to get the right number of fruit carbs in.

✿   Feeling good.
✿   Sleeping well!

I’ve been doing the Peak 8 on my stationary bike, 100 squats, and skating this week.  Something each day!

Skate video below (click on pic).


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