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21 – Ready to Go Raw

WEEK 21 – Ready to Go Raw

I decided there are some health improvements now that are more important to me than eating fried food and donuts.  I recently got let go from my job due to an acquisition and reorganization, so now is the time to focus once again on these energy boosting foods, and seeing just how much healing can going raw do for my body.  I really want to see if eating super healthy can get the natural hair color back!

I just bought my first Vitamix, and am super excited to get it going!  I also added a link in my Blogroll, called “Blend Happy” that I’m really excited about, for trying new recipes in the Vitamix.

My whole family is excited to try some new Vitamix recipes and Blend Happy recipes!

Stay tuned for pictures, videos and posts about the new things we try.

New goal for daily eating:

Breakfast:  Raw moccachino

Snack:  Veggies and dip

Lunch:  Energy Soup made in the Vitamix

Healthy dinner, including a salad

Dessert:  Vitamix smoothie

Tell me about any yummy things you’ve made that are raw or using the Vitamix!





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