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❄❄ NEW Baby Steps Challenge Starting January 1!!! ❄❄

❄ ❄  Join in January 1st 2014!!!  ❄ ❄

My 2014, 52 week challenge, one baby step per week to better health.

It’s not extreme, it’s one doable change per week, to improve our health!

I hope to have my book out to go along with it in time for January 1st!

Join in here, and my Facebook group Baby Steps to Better Me….


Everything else will be over at http://www.rawjenni.com

This space is really focused on the one step per week challenge for 2014.


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Does Raw Food Make Arthritis Worse? If It’s Cold Where You Live?


Click on the picture above for my video to find out 🙂

I was a dancer in my younger years through adult years.

young dancer with frame

By age 18, I was diagnosed with pre-arthritis in my knees.

I was living on fast food, canned foods, processed foods, doughnuts, etc.  The dancing probably helped me keep the weight down, but lots of exercise did NOT keep every ailment away.

In the last 10 years, the arthritis grew very menacing!  The pain spread to my neck, back, legs, feet, etc.

We definitely have a winter season here in Chicagoland, and the pain was the worst in winter, from November to March or April.

I initially took Ibuprofen to mask the pain, until we were trying to get pregnant.  Then the doctors told us to stay off of Ibuprofen, because it could hinder fertility.

In 2010, as you may already know, I began my raw food diet, eating mainly gluten free and dairy free as well as raw food.  Very quickly, ALL arthritis symptoms were gone gone gone!

In 2012, I became raw vegan.  The healing continued.  I’m off all medicines now for arthritis and everything else!

If you come from a Biblical perspective, or are interested, as I am, you will see in Genesis, we were designed in a garden 🙂  We were given the lay of the land of fruit trees to choose from.  The greens were given to the animals.  So to me, this means this was our perfect food and is our perfect food.  My testimony of healing I’ve received supports all I need to know!


Check out my Coaching page if you are interested in receiving help with your raw food journey.

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