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13 – Foods You CAN Eat on the Gallbladder/liver Flush

WEEK 13 – Foods You Can Eat on the Gallbladder/liver Flush:

I’ve made a list of what foods work on this flush.  I’d rather focus on what I CAN eat, instead of what to avoid.  So these foods worked well this last time:

Salmon and fish



Fruits  – berries, pineapple, bananas, and dates


Potatoes – just not greasy/fried.  Probably a baked potato with non-dairy toppings is best

Yucca and plantains


Bagels (most bagels are egg-less and without dairy)


Jelly/fruit preserves

Rice milk, agave nectar (I put these in my coffee this time)

Possible:  short-bread and biscuits (check ingredients)

I did drink coffee throughout this entire flush, and I did even “cheat” a bit with birthday cake.  I noticed I was more nauseous this time too.  So I recommend staying as close to the guidelines as possible (as much as I hate rules!).

I noticed very few stones this flush and they were very small.  I probably won’t repeat the flush for 6 months or more unless I notice fatigue increasing.


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12 – Gallbladder & Liver Flush


Another thing to do in order to improve energy and cleanse the system is a gallbladder or liver flush.  I am not a doctor, however, our doctor recommended this to us.  We have tried it, and will be doing another one next week if you want to join in 🙂

There are many reasons to do this flush, including to clear up skin problems that can be created by a toxic liver.

Here are the details on the FLUSH:

Stone Flush:

– Drink 8 oz. of apple juice twice a day.  (No more and no less.)  Do this for at least 5 days before the flush, unless directed otherwise.

– At bedtime on the 5th night, drink a mixture of 5 oz. of Classic Coke, 6 oz. of Virgin Olive Oil, and 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice.  Drink it fast!  (The Coke is to prevent nausea or vomiting.)

– It may be helpful to lie on your right side in the fetal position with a heating pad over the gallbladder for 1/2 hour after drinking the mix.

– The next morning (Day 6), drink 10 oz. of Citrate of Magnesia (drug stores have this) and stay home close to the bathroom for the next few hours.  Look for soft jelly stones that usually float in the stool and are usually light to dark green in color.  If you see a lot of stones, repeat the procedure in one month.


– Avoid eggs, pork, greasy foods, onions, fowl, milk, ice cream, chocolate, citrus fruits, corn, beans, spices, seeds, and nuts completely until corrected.

– Reduce total fats to less than 30% of total calories.

Supplements and Medication:

– All medications may affect the liver and gall bladder.  Talk to your chiropractor about what you are taking, including supplements.

Drink 1/2 your body weight in oz. per day.

Talk to your doctor about doing this if you have any concerns!

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