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Baby Step #13 ~ Increase Current Exercise

This is a God-thing for me. I need to be inspired to move forward, but thankfully, I feel like He does give me vision and excitement about certain exercises or ways to play, that will get my heart rate up and moving that lymph system.

Now I’m getting outside and enjoying awesome weather while biking, hiking, and blading!









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Grand Canyon Training and 30 Day LEVEL UP Challenge ~ Day 14 ~ Stairs at Work!

Grand Canyon stairs

✿   ✿   Click on pic above for video version  ✿   ✿   

✿   One of my training plans and exercises is taking the stairs at lunch time, one day a week at work.

✿   21 floors down, and 21 floors back up.

✿   I take short breaks in between a few flights going up (similar to the Peak 8).

When I first started this, I could only make it down, not back up.  I gradually increased my going up to the full 21 flights.

It helped break up the monotony of sitting in a chair all day and working with a screen!  ✿   ✿   ✿   Got my lymph system pumping mid-day, and got me ready to go back to the editing 🙂

How are you doing?

✿   ✿   ✿   Love & Hugs!  ✿   ✿   ✿   

~ Raw Jenni

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19 – Counting on God

WEEK 19 – Counting on God

Well, I’m ready to say, I’m just going to do the “Counting on God” plan.  I think it’s not even a plan.

I’m just trusting God to get me to a balanced, healthy place.

For me, this means:  improved health, hopefully a bit more raw each day and week, and a few pounds down is great!

I’ve had some recent motivation in the exercise department.  I’m learning about Dr. Mercola’s “peak 8” which I’m doing on a trampoline (more on this later as I figure it out).  Plus I’m enjoying some zumba, roller blading, and biking.  Ah summer!  How the motivations kick in!

Also, I’m taking the advice of a previous commenter, to focus on the glow and the energy when I eat raw, and not what I’m depriving myself of.  Since then, I am looking each day to what I can add to increase the energy and feel good, and it HAS helped a lot!  Thank you!

Finally, another motivation has kicked in… to have an exercise goal each week, and when I meet it, I reward myself with fries or something I’m craving.  I made it through this week meeting this goal, and celebrated.  It felt good waiting for the goal to be met, and I didn’t feel deprived waiting to get there 🙂

So onward and upward, day by day.

Let me know what works for you.  I’m listening.

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