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38 – New Year Goals 2013!


Up between 8am – 9am daily (earlier as my energy increases).

Exercise first thing most days (favorites below to rotate):

~ Zumba                    ~ Trampoline (peak 8)              ~ Resistance training                                    ~ Biking                         ~ Skating weekly

Stabilize at a healthy lean weight (thinking between 120 and 135).

All major ailments gone.

If I fall off 80/10/10, may it be falling on vegan/vegetarian (without cheese)!

Loads of energy!

Enjoying God, family, and life!

Stable moods.  Hormones balanced.

And hey, a pregnancy would be great!  (We’ve tried for over 10 years and zippo so far.)

Community center start up goals with friend.

~ Zumba certified would be AWESOME

~ More fostering

Be healthily contagious to family and friends.  (Can we please have a raw/vegan holiday next year?  I need fruit in my stocking 🙂 )

More song writing on teams 🙂 and more worship/prayer rooms.

Time for the tropics yet?

Get the fruity calories up… beyond 2500, 3000, and more?

Keep the water intake up – 3L.

Good sleeps and lots o sunshine.

Tell me some of your goals in the comments!

Keepin’ it fruity,



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37 – Holidays


Oh the holidays…

I had planned to take off from my 80/10/10 raw/vegan diet for a couple days this week, but alas, it is turning into the whole week off.  Oh well.  I’m ok with this mainly.  I did 3 and a half weeks straight on 80/10/10 this last round and am very happy with the healthy results.  I kept hearing from family and friends how young I looked.  This surprised me, since I’m not even dying my hair right now… at all!

I like seeing what choices I actually make when not on the diet, and what no longer looks good to me.  I’m seeing that meat is generally not appealing now, unless it is mixed into a casserole.  I went out for breakfast with a friend today, and normally I would order bacon or turkey sausage with a cooked breakfast, but today… nope.  I ordered vegetarian, and that’s all I’m going to say about that 🙂

I did try to bring veggies and fruit to all the parties I’ve gone to.  In fact, these are samples of what I brought…

1224121248 SONY DSC

The veggies and hummus were eaten up, but the fruit trees were only half eaten.  So for the next party, I would do a much smaller fruit tree, if at all.  I also found that the base of the fruit tree works better if it’s a cantaloupe with a flat bottom cut out.  The first tree was made of an apple (base) and carrot, and it kept toppling over.  We propped it up with a clear fork 🙂  However, the cantaloupe based tree never toppled.

I imagine this would be a very fun project to do at home with kids.  It took me a lot longer to create though than I expected.  Thankfully, the second time I had help 🙂

I’ve seen some ladies in the Banana Girl Diet Challenge staying on fruit and greens through the whole holiday, and I’m very impressed!  Maybe next year I can give that a go.  Even their families are becoming vegan or raw/vegan.  It’s contagious!

Health is more contagious than disease,

The Light more than darkness, and

Truth more powerful than any lie.

~ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year beautiful people ~




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36 – 80/10/10 the Banana Girl way

Picture link

I started freaking out recently while eating 80/10/10 as much as possible.


Because I got a uti (urinary tract infection).  Every possible worrisome thought entered my mind…

“I’m dying,”

“It’s my diet,”

“I’ll have to give in and go get antibiotics, even though I never wanted to go that route again!”

I looked online for natural remedies and comfort for what was happening.  At first, I found a few recommendations for Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, so I followed those prescriptions.  The urgent symptoms ended after a bath in the stuff (not so bad) and starting to drink the vinegar with water (ick).

I was very relieved.

However, the minor symptoms were still lingering… on… and off.  Shopping was really difficult, because my mind was always on ‘where is the nearest bathroom?’

So, I was praying… a LOT!  “Which way should I go Lord?”

I kept hearing, “Rest, and trust.”  I felt like it just was going to take time to flush the real issue out.

So I started drinking more cranberry juice, and more and more!!!

A week later, still not completely gone,  I joined the Banana Girl Diet Challenge (A Banana Boy one exists as well, fyi).  And there I found more help.  People there confirmed for me that it’s going to take a little longer than just slapping some antibiotics at it to “heal” it quickly.  I felt comforted again, that it’s not going to last, it just has to heal naturally.

I heard that it’s from adrenal fatigue and I need lots of rest and water, and continue on the fruits, making sure to get all my calories in.  So that’s where I’m at now.  I feel like the worst of the battle is over, and I’m on the mend.

It’s been a roller coaster week, but I’m so thankful for the new friends at the Banana Girl Diet Challenge.  Thank you for your help and comfort!



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35 – Raw Vegan Salad Dressing – Almond Butter Bliss

Check out my favorite dressing I’ve created for our 80/10/10 raw vegan salads!

Click on picture for video.

Almond Butter Bliss Dressing

~ 1 T raw almond butter

~ 1/2 lemon (juice) or lime

~ 2 ounces of coconut water

~ optional – add 1 tsp of ginger

~ optional – slice of red pepper for some ZING!

Blend all ingredients together and pour over your salad.

This dressing is INCREDIBLY delicious with or without the ginger, so go whichever way sounds better to you!

I like it on a salad of romaine alone, or add butter lettuce, kale and arugula.

Link to more pictures of the dressing:

Almond Butter Bliss Dressing


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34 – Loving 80/10/10 Raw Vegan

Check out my video update (click on picture below) on living and loving 80/10/10 raw vegan!

I have been on the 80/10/10 raw vegan “diet” for 24 days now (the first week or so I was still transitioning over).

A few reasons why I’m LOVING it:

~ I have a list of health issues I wanted to clear up.  My digestive issues have almost completely cleared up on 80/10/10… in less than one week of doing this faithfully.

~ Clean living:  no cooking necessary 🙂

~ I have a sweet tooth for a reason, and it’s for FRUIT!

~ I feel more satisfied at a deep level.  My vitality and love for life is forever increasing.

~ Family seeing me, and joining in.

~~~~~~Daughter getting steady on the fruit and feeling better.  She has lost 5 pounds so far.

~~~~~~Husband getting on the salads in the evenings and increasing his fruit smoothies in the mornings.  He says he’s feeling better.

~ I’ve started exercising again, because my energy levels are increasing.

~ My weight loss total… so far is 7 pounds.  I lost the first 5 or 6 rather quickly.

~ My BMI (body mass index) is reducing.  Not that long ago I was up around 29% body fat… and now I’m at around 25%.

So, what do I eat now?

~ 80% fruits all day long (amazing smoothies, or just whole fruit, plus some “veggies” that really digest as fruit – see below)

~ 10% protein through greens and veggies, and some nuts or seeds

~ 10% fats – mainly in my salad dressings (see my Recipe tab for these)

Proper food combining made a huge difference for me with digestion.

For example, I’ve found that cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, and bell peppers are really fruits.  So they digest better with other fruits.

See my Recipe tab or click here for some of my recipes 🙂



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30 – Raw Corn Chips and Other Raw Substitutions

Instead of regular chips… Raw corn chips (recipe below)

I really am satisfied with this option now instead of regular (non-raw) corn chips or potato chips.  It’s tasty, and I really want to keep trying other flavors.

Corn chips when first removed from dehydrator:

Break them apart after removing from dehydrator:

Tasty corn chips with Avocado and sea salt


– 3 cups of corn (I use frozen organic sweet corn)

– 1 and 1/2 cup of yellow pepper (or other color)

– a little onion (1/4 cup or so)

– 3/4 cup of ground flax seeds

– 1 Tablespoon of lime juice

– 3 dashes of chili powder

– 1 teaspoon sea salt

Blend all ingredients in the food processor (I prefer the wider bottom for scooping it out, to the skinnier Vitamix for this)

Scoop out and spread on dehydrator trays.

Dehydrate at 105 degrees overnight, and until it’s the desired crispness you like.  I’m happy usually with about 20 hours in the dehydrator.

These chips stay fresh in a container on your counter for quite a while (at least a month, if not longer).

Other substitution goals I am learning about:

Kale has more iron than beef (according to a show I watched), so…

Instead of a burger – KALE (that’s a big switch!)

This last week or two, instead of burgers, I had chili.  So at least the glutenous bun was eliminated 🙂  I still ate the fries.

Instead of pizza – the only option I know of is raw pizza, with the crust made of nuts.  This is ok sometimes, and I could dehydrate it to warm it up a bit.  It’s a goal.

Desserts – figs, watermelon, grapes, smoothies and raw ice cream are all sweet enough now for me.  I think I can make the full switch over to this very soon.  There’s a few things in the house yet to eat up 🙂  Plus, my step-daughter has become a vegan, so she is baking up a storm of all kinds of treats.  So it may take a little while yet.


Some not-so-raw moments of the last week or so

Tried Indian cuisine… mango lassies…

Lentil wrap with potatoes and veggies inside, different chutneys (sauces) to add to it…

Indian version of chicken and rice (with lots o’ spice)…

From this to this in one day.  I surrendered and bundled up for the colder weather 😦

Let me know what substitutions you like for pizza and burgers and such!



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29 – God is So Good!

Instead of bondage…

Enjoying life…

I just really feel like the Lord is getting me where I want to be… especially when I’m not focused on the goals.  Counter-intuitive, but true.

Lord help me put the focus on enjoying life instead of food and weight.


Things I’ve wanted to do…

…dancing on the beach – one of my dreams or bucket list items… always seemed like it would be fun – and embody LIFE!  (I had to fiercely ignore the people watching.)

Other zany shots:

Just relaxing…

Sailboat at the end of the rainbow…

I’m excited to wait for hunger each time now.  I feel like my focus IS shifting off of how much I can stuff my face, and onto healthy, energy producing food when I’m hungry!  Yay!

I’m still about 80/20… 80% choosing fruits, veggies, and healthy stuff, and on the weekends eating fries and things I’m craving.

I also really enjoy doing zumba moves when I’m just waiting for something to finish at home, etc.  It seems to loosen up any neck or back kinks, which I wouldn’t have thought it could do.

Kind of funny 🙂

Keep me posted on how you’re doing.



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26 – Travelling

WEEK 5 of High Raw

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wouldn’t say I’m very “High Raw” right now on this leg of the trip.  It’s hotel and eating out time.  The fruit at the hotel did not look so appetizing.  Perhaps because the bacon and potatoes looked significantly more appetizing.  I don’t know how raw foodies turn this stuff down and choose fruit instead.  I understand when I’m at home and can blend a delicious fruit drink in my Vitamix, but how do people do it when they stay at hotels?

I have had salads and veggies, and some fruit.

I’m amazed at some of the raw foodies out there that sprout their own sprouts while travelling.  I’m guessing their first year of going raw they weren’t that advanced, but maybe?

Day 29 – Fun & Healthy

Went out to lunch with the ladies.  We found this great place with lots of healthy options!

Then hiked to a gorgeous waterfall with my new friend.

Day 30 – As I look at the photos, and really enjoy the beauty… I also hear myself being very critical of myself.  “Oh, I hate this angle in this outfit, etc.”

I surrender this critical attitude Lord.  Help me just enjoy… no matter where I’m at.

I’m definitely eating well… not meaning the healthiest, but yummy.

I really got hit with pain this week.  Digestion is not happy.  Cramps galore.

Day 31 – Airports

Here are the healthier options I ran into…  fruit, dried fruit, healthy veggie chips.

Here is what I ordered instead… a nutella crepe… along with baked fries (at least they were baked :))

The crepe was a lot lighter than I expected.

Day 32 – South Beach, FL

Accidentally bought into a tourist trap.  Margaritas bigger than our heads and pocket books.

We ate pretty light though.  We found a chicken curry and rice dish to split, and much later a small pizza with pineapple.  We danced a bit, begging the D.J. to play more Pitbull 🙂

Day 33 – Key West

Drove spontaneously to Key West, FL.  We found a health food store in Key Largo that had some awesome healthy choices. We bought a raw energy mix of nuts and seeds.  Also carrot juice and mango juice, both organic.  They had Lara bars and pretty much everything raw I like.  So we just nibbled on these things during the day.  Body happy.

Wrote spontaneous songs along the way, during the 7 hour drive.  Can’t wait to put those together!

Day 34 – Miami

I love the music in Miami and the outdoor life here.  We met up with awesome relatives and split a meal at night.  We danced a bit more, just enjoying life.  Didn’t feel as full.  Felt better.

Day 35 – Ft. Lauderdale

Met up with another family member at a fabulous restaurant on the ocean.  Ate a pasta with goat cheese and some mahi mahi.  Creme brulee for dessert.  So good.  Lactose intolerance kicked in later though after I ate the second half of the pasta.  Eeyeyeyey!

Let me know how you are doing!



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21 – Ready to Go Raw

WEEK 21 – Ready to Go Raw

I decided there are some health improvements now that are more important to me than eating fried food and donuts.  I recently got let go from my job due to an acquisition and reorganization, so now is the time to focus once again on these energy boosting foods, and seeing just how much healing can going raw do for my body.  I really want to see if eating super healthy can get the natural hair color back!

I just bought my first Vitamix, and am super excited to get it going!  I also added a link in my Blogroll, called “Blend Happy” that I’m really excited about, for trying new recipes in the Vitamix.

My whole family is excited to try some new Vitamix recipes and Blend Happy recipes!

Stay tuned for pictures, videos and posts about the new things we try.

New goal for daily eating:

Breakfast:  Raw moccachino

Snack:  Veggies and dip

Lunch:  Energy Soup made in the Vitamix

Healthy dinner, including a salad

Dessert:  Vitamix smoothie

Tell me about any yummy things you’ve made that are raw or using the Vitamix!




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10 – Raw Food on the Road

WEEK 10 – Raw Food on the Road

I was on a work trip to Scotland, and wanted to see how raw I could be mainly just buying from fresh food places.  The only thing I had time to pack was raw bars, mainly made of nuts and dates.

Surprisingly, I found the healthiest options at the airports.  I purchased a carton of veggies with a dill dip.  And at the Amsterdam airport, I found a world of delights for the raw foodie.  They had an organic juice bar (see pictures) with so many options, I could have purchased one of each!

Granted, I also tried traditional Scottish food (except haggis, neeps, and tatties) and just ate what was available or what I wanted.

Salads were available everywhere if I needed a healthy boost.

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