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37 – Holidays


Oh the holidays…

I had planned to take off from my 80/10/10 raw/vegan diet for a couple days this week, but alas, it is turning into the whole week off.  Oh well.  I’m ok with this mainly.  I did 3 and a half weeks straight on 80/10/10 this last round and am very happy with the healthy results.  I kept hearing from family and friends how young I looked.  This surprised me, since I’m not even dying my hair right now… at all!

I like seeing what choices I actually make when not on the diet, and what no longer looks good to me.  I’m seeing that meat is generally not appealing now, unless it is mixed into a casserole.  I went out for breakfast with a friend today, and normally I would order bacon or turkey sausage with a cooked breakfast, but today… nope.  I ordered vegetarian, and that’s all I’m going to say about that 🙂

I did try to bring veggies and fruit to all the parties I’ve gone to.  In fact, these are samples of what I brought…

1224121248 SONY DSC

The veggies and hummus were eaten up, but the fruit trees were only half eaten.  So for the next party, I would do a much smaller fruit tree, if at all.  I also found that the base of the fruit tree works better if it’s a cantaloupe with a flat bottom cut out.  The first tree was made of an apple (base) and carrot, and it kept toppling over.  We propped it up with a clear fork 🙂  However, the cantaloupe based tree never toppled.

I imagine this would be a very fun project to do at home with kids.  It took me a lot longer to create though than I expected.  Thankfully, the second time I had help 🙂

I’ve seen some ladies in the Banana Girl Diet Challenge staying on fruit and greens through the whole holiday, and I’m very impressed!  Maybe next year I can give that a go.  Even their families are becoming vegan or raw/vegan.  It’s contagious!

Health is more contagious than disease,

The Light more than darkness, and

Truth more powerful than any lie.

~ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year beautiful people ~





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36 – 80/10/10 the Banana Girl way

Picture link

I started freaking out recently while eating 80/10/10 as much as possible.


Because I got a uti (urinary tract infection).  Every possible worrisome thought entered my mind…

“I’m dying,”

“It’s my diet,”

“I’ll have to give in and go get antibiotics, even though I never wanted to go that route again!”

I looked online for natural remedies and comfort for what was happening.  At first, I found a few recommendations for Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, so I followed those prescriptions.  The urgent symptoms ended after a bath in the stuff (not so bad) and starting to drink the vinegar with water (ick).

I was very relieved.

However, the minor symptoms were still lingering… on… and off.  Shopping was really difficult, because my mind was always on ‘where is the nearest bathroom?’

So, I was praying… a LOT!  “Which way should I go Lord?”

I kept hearing, “Rest, and trust.”  I felt like it just was going to take time to flush the real issue out.

So I started drinking more cranberry juice, and more and more!!!

A week later, still not completely gone,  I joined the Banana Girl Diet Challenge (A Banana Boy one exists as well, fyi).  And there I found more help.  People there confirmed for me that it’s going to take a little longer than just slapping some antibiotics at it to “heal” it quickly.  I felt comforted again, that it’s not going to last, it just has to heal naturally.

I heard that it’s from adrenal fatigue and I need lots of rest and water, and continue on the fruits, making sure to get all my calories in.  So that’s where I’m at now.  I feel like the worst of the battle is over, and I’m on the mend.

It’s been a roller coaster week, but I’m so thankful for the new friends at the Banana Girl Diet Challenge.  Thank you for your help and comfort!



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35 – Raw Vegan Salad Dressing – Almond Butter Bliss

Check out my favorite dressing I’ve created for our 80/10/10 raw vegan salads!

Click on picture for video.

Almond Butter Bliss Dressing

~ 1 T raw almond butter

~ 1/2 lemon (juice) or lime

~ 2 ounces of coconut water

~ optional – add 1 tsp of ginger

~ optional – slice of red pepper for some ZING!

Blend all ingredients together and pour over your salad.

This dressing is INCREDIBLY delicious with or without the ginger, so go whichever way sounds better to you!

I like it on a salad of romaine alone, or add butter lettuce, kale and arugula.

Link to more pictures of the dressing:

Almond Butter Bliss Dressing


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9 – Raw Chips and Christmas Lists

Week 9Raw Chips & Christmas Lists

Click on photo for video

Raw chips come jam-packed with great benefits!  You are doing yourself a favor by munching on these chips!

Start by buying a pack or two of chips to taste what flavors you like best.  You may be able to sample some at a health food store or raw food cafe.

Some flavors I have found & their benefits to these foods (benefits to foods as mentioned in Alissa Cohen’s book – see below):

  • Kale – reduces cataracts, cancer, muscular degeneration.
  • Beets – help eliminate kidney stones, intestinal, liver and gallbladder cleansers.
  • Flaxseeds – supply an essential fatty acid (ALA) which is converted by the body into the type of omega 3 fatty acids found in many fish.  Richest sources of lignins, which provide fiber, flaxseeds prevent constipation.
    • I always feel so good when I’m eating flax seeds, flax chips, etc.!!  I know what good I’m doing to my body.
  • Buckwheat – is in lots of these store-bought chips.  It has a high portion of all eight essential amino acids and lysine.  Additionally, buckwheat contains up to 100 percent more calcium than other grains.  Buckwheat is botanically not a grain but a fruit.  Use only raw buckwheat, not toasted (kasha) or whole buckwheat groats.

Party idea:  buy few different flavors and colors, and mix together for multi-color appeal.

I like eating my beets and kale best in Brad’s raw chips:  Brad’s Raw Chips Link

I have perfected making some versions of raw chips myself, and will show you how to do that in later weeks with a dehydrator.  This will bring the price down for you as well, as some of these chips may seem high priced at first.

NOTE – BE THINKING ABOUT A DEHYDRATOR AND/OR FOOD PROCESSOR FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS LIST, IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ONE.  You will enjoy them incredibly for the upcoming future recipes.  

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6 – Freeze Your Bananas – Raw Ice Cream Flavors

Week 6 – Freeze Your Bananas  – Raw Ice Cream Flavors

Click on the picture above to see the video for week 6.

Frozen bananas make banana “ice cream”.   It’s amazing how close to an ice cream consistency this becomes!

So, don’t throw away your over ripe bananas, freeze them.  After they have been in the freezer – even for one hour –  take them out and peel them.

Blend them in the blender to an ice cream consistency.

Strawberry flavor – Blend a few strawberries into the mix.

Chocolate or carob flavor – Blend a tablespoon of raw cacao powder or carob powder (if you don’t want caffeine) into your mix.

Make it a shake – by adding a little coconut water or even rice milk or almond milk (still better than what I used to eat)!  If you need it sweeter, add some of your agave nectar.

Make it a sundae – by adding any of these:

– cacao nibs (similar to chocolate chips)

– real strawberry slices

– pineapple chunks

– nuts

– strawberry sauce made up of 1 tablespoon of raw honey blended with real strawberries

– a cherry on top.

Keep it as simple as you like, or get creative.

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4 – Raw Almond Butter

Click on photo for video.

WEEK 4 – Raw Almond Butter

Another simple, but excellent raw addition to my life is raw almond butter.

Now there is a store I have found where this is really inexpensive, so I encourage you to shop around.  Some places are really expensive, but one is almost a third of the expensive price.  You can buy it creamy or crunchy.  I love the crunchy one!  My mom loves the creamy one.

  • Buy raw almond butter – crunchy or creamy – this week.
  • Add it to your banana for breakfast or a dessert with the raw honey.

A spoonful of half almond butter (or less) and half honey (or less) on each bite of banana satisfies my sweet tooth.  And I have a very sweet tooth!  (Remember, I grew up eating lots of pastries and donuts.)

Follow Trisha’s (my mom’s) progress and mine in our 52 weeks to improve our health.


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Jen’s 52 Week Challenge

BABY STEPS – 1 A WEEK – for a year

This is RAW for the motivationally challenged (like me).  Follow me, Jen, and jump in at any point!

I feel GREAT when I’m eating all RAW, but let’s be honest… for the vast majority of people it’s not easy to just go raw, and stay raw all the time.  Therefore, I am issuing a 52 week challenge (to myself and anyone who wants to join me), to just take 1 step per week toward the raw, healthy lifestyle.

I don’t know about you, but I grew up eating burgers and fries, pasta, pizza, ice cream, and donuts.  These were my favorites, for sure!  Suddenly, in my early 20’s, disasters surfaced in my health!  Thankfully, I had a doctor referred to me that knew about nutrition and told me to remove dairy and a few others from my eating.  This made the first huge difference.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After more struggles with digestion and daily fatigue, another doctor recommended no gluten or dairy (I was back on the dairy), AND if I could get all the way RAW, that would be the best for me.  I was excited to get started!  It took a year of mainly gluten and dairy free, with a few months of trying a raw detox.  I always felt so much better on the raw.  However, I would only last about a month or so, and I’d go off.  Back to the old way of eating…  even to gluten and dairy again.  Then I would feel bad, and wonder if this would ever work!

Shortly after that, an awesome person encouraged me to take baby steps in this, such as, one step per week for a year.   I LOVED the idea!  I knew I could celebrate one easy step per week, and I knew that others wanting help could do it too!

So, even if you’re not sure about going raw, but you would love some encouragement toward a healthier way of eating, then hop on this train with me, and let’s see where it goes!

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