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37 – Holidays


Oh the holidays…

I had planned to take off from my 80/10/10 raw/vegan diet for a couple days this week, but alas, it is turning into the whole week off.  Oh well.  I’m ok with this mainly.  I did 3 and a half weeks straight on 80/10/10 this last round and am very happy with the healthy results.  I kept hearing from family and friends how young I looked.  This surprised me, since I’m not even dying my hair right now… at all!

I like seeing what choices I actually make when not on the diet, and what no longer looks good to me.  I’m seeing that meat is generally not appealing now, unless it is mixed into a casserole.  I went out for breakfast with a friend today, and normally I would order bacon or turkey sausage with a cooked breakfast, but today… nope.  I ordered vegetarian, and that’s all I’m going to say about that 🙂

I did try to bring veggies and fruit to all the parties I’ve gone to.  In fact, these are samples of what I brought…

1224121248 SONY DSC

The veggies and hummus were eaten up, but the fruit trees were only half eaten.  So for the next party, I would do a much smaller fruit tree, if at all.  I also found that the base of the fruit tree works better if it’s a cantaloupe with a flat bottom cut out.  The first tree was made of an apple (base) and carrot, and it kept toppling over.  We propped it up with a clear fork 🙂  However, the cantaloupe based tree never toppled.

I imagine this would be a very fun project to do at home with kids.  It took me a lot longer to create though than I expected.  Thankfully, the second time I had help 🙂

I’ve seen some ladies in the Banana Girl Diet Challenge staying on fruit and greens through the whole holiday, and I’m very impressed!  Maybe next year I can give that a go.  Even their families are becoming vegan or raw/vegan.  It’s contagious!

Health is more contagious than disease,

The Light more than darkness, and

Truth more powerful than any lie.

~ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year beautiful people ~





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3 – Chocolate Fudgy Truffles

Click on photo for video of Week 3

Week 3 – Chocolate Fudgy Truffles

This week, we are using the same three ingredients as last week, to make the truffles.  We are just going to build on those three, keeping
our budgets in mind.

We are adding more cacao powder for a drier, truffle fudge consistency.

  • Mix:
    • 4 Tablespoons raw cacao powder (or carob powder if you don’t want the caffeine)
    • 1 Tablespoon raw agave nectar
    • 1 Tablespoon coconut butter
  • Roll them into a ball shape
  • Options:
    • Add a dash of peppermint oil or vanilla bean oil if you want a different flavor
    • Roll them in coconut flakes or cacao nibs to change it up a bit (adds a nice texture or crunch)
    • Decorate with fruit on a pretty dish

Kid-Friendly Tip:  Put the truffles in molds or cookie cutters for more fun or smoother shapes.


My mom, Trisha J, is following my 52 week challenge to raw food.  She tried these truffles and said she needed a little more agave nectar for a sweeter version.  Feel free to change the amounts to suit your needs!

These are standard raw ingredients for making delicious raw desserts and raw drinks.  They are worth the money.  I use up every ounce of these products and they do not perish quickly.  These ingredients also help me choose a delicious alternative for dessert or a drink that is
much better for my health.


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