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Baby Step #34 ~ Loving Myself


I didn’t want to leave my readers lingering without an update too long, so I just wanted to at least post a little update.

I’ve been in school this year, for two main types of massage, plus animal massage.  I get to massage animals!!!!  Wooo!!!!

I’m loving my school and all I’m learning, plus the like-minded people I have met here are AWESOME!

I chose to do this school this year because it has been a year of revamping my life.

I’ve been going through a separation and divorce, which has been the really hard part of this year.

I am looking forward to the future, and enjoying the present as best I can.

I am learning how to love myself more through this whole process.  I’ve been driving back and forth to school, which is two states away from my current home state.  I have had lots of time to think and pray and reflect on the past, present, and future.

I have wondered to myself often in the last year and a half, “How could God be so good, to let me revamp my life, even though I didn’t always think it was a decision that agreed with the things in the Bible?”

Well, this week I heard this from Him, “I love you more than I love my rules.”

And that was the hugest revelation yet!


I’m looking forward to Him continuously revealing His love for me, and for others!  How I delight when He does it!  I believe that I will learn to love myself even more, as I receive His love and wonderful words over me!

I pray blessings on all of you this Father’s Day!  And if this is a difficult day for you for any reason, I pray extra LOVE on you!  May you feel hugged and loved on from your Father above!



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Baby Step #19 ~ Honor

Honor is an AMAZING thing.

I think it can move mountains even!  (Metaphorical mountains at least.)

HOWEVER, honoring everyone important to you, but NOT honoring yourself, is… no bueno.  Actually damaging, and kind of like burying yourself alive.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 6.28.57 PM


Zumba dancing on the beach



In the past, I got really good at putting EVERYONE else first… before me.

The problem with that?  It compromised the CORE of who I am.

And in the end, it doesn’t honor ANYONE when you are no longer true to yourself, and who you are designed to be.

I had to physically leave my current location to remember once again who I am, who I’m designed to be, and what honors me.  Then bring it all back into balance.  (Balance hasn’t fully happened yet :))

Yes, I still believe in compromising for the sake of a healthy relationship, but ensuring both sides are honored in those decisions.

I believe God honors us, and DID honor us in so many ways.  Four top ones that come to mind are the following:

– He made us in His image (perhaps similar to His mind, free- will, heart, and emotions)

– He thinks about us CONSTANTLY

– He sent Jesus to be the curse for us, so we could be His righteousness/His perfection (MAJOR honor to me!)

– He lets us be who we really are, accepting us each day as we are

So if HE majorly honored us, then we are WORTHY of MUCH honor, and learning how to honor ourselves.  I’m still learning, and here’s to that process!




Just – be-ing… enjoying life…




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Baby Step #18 ~ Acceptance


IMG_1313 IMG_1321  IMG_1356 IMG_1372 IMG_1389

Accepting myself each day… This is where I’m at…

Not judging whether it’s right or wrong…  It’s just where I’m at for today.
Embracing the feelings that go with that… good or bad or neutral…
Letting go of the hurts that caused it.
Forgiving the people involved.
Forgiving myself!

Accepting where things are for today… The joys and the pains…

This baby step has been ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to this season of my life.


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Crazy, Wild n Wonderful Date Nights!

What do we do when we want to get CRAZY after 14 years of wedded bliss? (at least half the time is bliss… The rest is just wedded)?

Throw on some long hair extensions and play dress up! See who can get sexier!

Try on all our clothes that we would ONLY wear in 100 degree weather and pretend we are in the TROPICS BABY!

Play some reggaeton n salsa, maybe one bachata, and veganize some yummy Mexican food!

A fake Margarita and maybe end with a massage on our massage table (why not?)

Ok, that may not be the ending! Haha!

If you’re getting judgmental right now, STOP IT, I’m married!

Go have some FUN!

Love n Hugs my people!





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photo (26)

photo (14)

This was an interesting project that just kept stirring in my soul.

I had to put it together, and get it out, so it would let me be.  Do you ever feel that way about a project or your artistry?

It was burning to get out, and kept me up late, but it was worth it.  And so are YOU!

Love and Hugs!

Click on picture above for video…

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What Kind of Person THRIVES on a Raw Food Diet? Can Anyone Do It?

I don’t think everyone can.

Click on my picture/video below to find out why:

000who thrives on raw food

I believe 1 or more of these factors have to be present to really THRIVE on a raw food diet:

My thoughts:

1.  You are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

2.  You just KNOW this is the BEST way to eat.  It feels clean.  It feels natural.  It fits our design (for me that means designed in a garden… given fruit trees and greens to eat).

3.  You have a “NOT give up” mentality.  You are in it for the long term.  If you fail and fall off the wagon, you shake the dust off and move forward in this direction.

4.  You try it, and realize you feel better than ever before.  You’re digestion improved (once you figured out food combining), your skin improved, your stamina and endurance for whatever sport you like got significantly better over time!  Your enjoyment of sex improved, your libido is up.

5.  You are open minded, not closed to alternatives to all the medicines, doctors, and t.v. ads out there!

6.  You do your own research.  You don’t need a Ph.D. or Scientist to tell you how to live your life, or how to eat right for optimal life.  But if you find a good one that supports your raw food beliefs, great!  You go with it, making sure it’s really what you believe as well.

7.  You are sick of side effects of medicines, that have not cured you (most of the time), but cover up the pain of your symptoms.

8.  Perhaps you have tried every thing else.  You have tried every other diet, and they haven’t helped you maintain your weight for the long term, or help you really THRIVE in your life with optimal energy and health.

9.  You may HATE exercising at first when you start a raw food diet, but as your energy improves, you CRAVE it, and you find what you love the most.

Share with me in the comments what you think- what it takes to live successfully on a raw food diet?



Receive Coaching

Love and Hugs!


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48 ~ Fourth Month Raw Vegan



Highlights of Month 4:

~ Left the gray “au naturale” look, just shy of one year, for hi-lites and low-lites.

~ Much more vegan (and raw) now.  Better at holding the vegan line, even when eating dinner out.

~ Adjusting better to travelling and staying raw/vegan.

~ Feeling closer to nature and the real me, finding more purpose.

Dipping my toes in the Colorado River (it’s 47 degrees! Brrrrrr! but feels good in the hot sun)


Hiking the Grand Canyon!



Going back up!


Chillin’ with the sunset after quite a workout!



More Videos:

Colorado River tour – quick video:

Overview of our Grand Canyon hike (video):


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47 ~ Third Month Raw Vegan


Click on image above for latest video updates.

This was the toughest month perhaps for food. So I had a complete mind shift in how to go about this.

Some highlights:

~ Spiritual shift happened, surrendering self effort to stay disciplined, counting on God to get me there.

~ Stopped weighing myself, going more by how clothes fit for now.

~ Workout stamina increased greatly! Able to bike longer, swim laps longer, do squats, etc.

~ Many positives that have stuck with me from the raw vegan journey!

So, we will see how these shifts affect Month 4!



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39 – Fitness and Fun Goals for 2013

My energy and motivation have definitely been increasing.  I’ve been thinking more about what types of exercise I really enjoy and want to do regularly, or once in a while.

These are all motivating to me 🙂

skate race acroyoga acroyoga2 beach cycling beach skate bike in water bikin on da beach bikin on da beach2 blading path classy skater on beach fitness fun bike on beach handstand by water Health goals muscular strength riviera beach dancg rowing skate fly skatg on da world skating at the beach standin on hands step up bungee action surfin tramp water4 trampoline bungee water trampoline water trampoline2 water trmpolin3 wind surfg windsurf jump yoga stretch zumba beCH zumba calm zumba jumps zumba moods zumba new black

So far, I think that getting my calories up above 3000 a day on 80/10/10 is helping to motivate and increase energy.

We’ll see how it goes!



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38 – New Year Goals 2013!


Up between 8am – 9am daily (earlier as my energy increases).

Exercise first thing most days (favorites below to rotate):

~ Zumba                    ~ Trampoline (peak 8)              ~ Resistance training                                    ~ Biking                         ~ Skating weekly

Stabilize at a healthy lean weight (thinking between 120 and 135).

All major ailments gone.

If I fall off 80/10/10, may it be falling on vegan/vegetarian (without cheese)!

Loads of energy!

Enjoying God, family, and life!

Stable moods.  Hormones balanced.

And hey, a pregnancy would be great!  (We’ve tried for over 10 years and zippo so far.)

Community center start up goals with friend.

~ Zumba certified would be AWESOME

~ More fostering

Be healthily contagious to family and friends.  (Can we please have a raw/vegan holiday next year?  I need fruit in my stocking 🙂 )

More song writing on teams 🙂 and more worship/prayer rooms.

Time for the tropics yet?

Get the fruity calories up… beyond 2500, 3000, and more?

Keep the water intake up – 3L.

Good sleeps and lots o sunshine.

Tell me some of your goals in the comments!

Keepin’ it fruity,


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