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Baby Step #34 ~ Loving Myself


I didn’t want to leave my readers lingering without an update too long, so I just wanted to at least post a little update.

I’ve been in school this year, for two main types of massage, plus animal massage.  I get to massage animals!!!!  Wooo!!!!

I’m loving my school and all I’m learning, plus the like-minded people I have met here are AWESOME!

I chose to do this school this year because it has been a year of revamping my life.

I’ve been going through a separation and divorce, which has been the really hard part of this year.

I am looking forward to the future, and enjoying the present as best I can.

I am learning how to love myself more through this whole process.  I’ve been driving back and forth to school, which is two states away from my current home state.  I have had lots of time to think and pray and reflect on the past, present, and future.

I have wondered to myself often in the last year and a half, “How could God be so good, to let me revamp my life, even though I didn’t always think it was a decision that agreed with the things in the Bible?”

Well, this week I heard this from Him, “I love you more than I love my rules.”

And that was the hugest revelation yet!


I’m looking forward to Him continuously revealing His love for me, and for others!  How I delight when He does it!  I believe that I will learn to love myself even more, as I receive His love and wonderful words over me!

I pray blessings on all of you this Father’s Day!  And if this is a difficult day for you for any reason, I pray extra LOVE on you!  May you feel hugged and loved on from your Father above!



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Baby Step #23 ~ Receiving


I think a LOT of our “RECEIVERS” are BROKEN.

If a receiver is broken in terms of stereo equipment, then it cannot do its job.  It can’t transfer the awesome musical sounds out of the speakers to be enjoyed.


One small example in personal life:

When people give a compliment, can you just say, “Thank you?” (…taking it into your heart… letting it affect you… positively…)

Or do you say, “No… you’re wrong… and here’s why?”

And try to negate the nice thing someone is trying to offer you?

Then, this can be so much deeper and stronger… If you are trying to love someone over and over again for a long time, that just cannot receive that love…  They aren’t affected by it.  They aren’t touched by it.  They are just… numb.  Or maybe walled off.  Incapable of seeing or feeling the good thing coming their way.

It is very sad.

Reminds me of the U2 song… You’re So Cruel… 

~ ~ ~ ~

I personally want to be someone who stays tender-hearted.  I WANT to be affected.  I WANT to feel things.  I want to learn.  I’m curious.  I explore.  I enjoy.  

I’m not so afraid of getting hurt or broken-hearted anymore.  I know how to process those things.  And if I let someone in enough, and risk the broken-heart, then I know they are WORTH it!  Yes!  Worth even a broken heart!  

I DO have hope for people that are walled off… (the hopeful person that I’m designed to be).  

I just may not invest all my time in them anymore.  It’s too disheartening (and NOT so worth that broken-heart).  There’s very little joy in having so much to give and being met with total resistance.

I love being around self-aware people.  People that are moved deeply.  People that are affected by me and by the world around them.  

These people are my “tribe”.  


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Baby Step #22 ~ Timing

“In God’s Time” I think there’s some truth to this phrase, but I think God honors “our time” our process, what we need – to be ready for what’s next… I don’t think it’s JUST about HIS timing. It’s also OURS.

I looked up these words in the Bible – “God’s time” or “God’s timing” and guess what? They AREN’T there!

Now in Ecclesiastes… there is a “time” for everything…

To Everything There is a Season
3 A time to kill and a time to heal; A time to tear down and a time to build up. 4 A time to weep and a time to laugh; A time to mourn and a time to dance. 5 A time to throw stones and a time to gather stones; A time to embrace and a time to shun embracing.…

There are also many many references to “appointed times,” especially in the Old Testament.

In the New Testament, I see phrases and concepts as “signs of the times” and “harvest time”



This is really all I have to say about this topic.  What do you think?  Add your comments!


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Baby Step #19 ~ Honor

Honor is an AMAZING thing.

I think it can move mountains even!  (Metaphorical mountains at least.)

HOWEVER, honoring everyone important to you, but NOT honoring yourself, is… no bueno.  Actually damaging, and kind of like burying yourself alive.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 6.28.57 PM


Zumba dancing on the beach



In the past, I got really good at putting EVERYONE else first… before me.

The problem with that?  It compromised the CORE of who I am.

And in the end, it doesn’t honor ANYONE when you are no longer true to yourself, and who you are designed to be.

I had to physically leave my current location to remember once again who I am, who I’m designed to be, and what honors me.  Then bring it all back into balance.  (Balance hasn’t fully happened yet :))

Yes, I still believe in compromising for the sake of a healthy relationship, but ensuring both sides are honored in those decisions.

I believe God honors us, and DID honor us in so many ways.  Four top ones that come to mind are the following:

– He made us in His image (perhaps similar to His mind, free- will, heart, and emotions)

– He thinks about us CONSTANTLY

– He sent Jesus to be the curse for us, so we could be His righteousness/His perfection (MAJOR honor to me!)

– He lets us be who we really are, accepting us each day as we are

So if HE majorly honored us, then we are WORTHY of MUCH honor, and learning how to honor ourselves.  I’m still learning, and here’s to that process!




Just – be-ing… enjoying life…




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Baby Step #20 ~ Let yourself make mistakes


We all will…

So why live under pressure about it?

Worrying about making mistakes truly made it worse for me… In the past…

I would read verses in Bible that would “whip” me into shape… But it NEVER ever solved it for me.

Only hearing Jesus say… “Neither do I condemn you…” and other accepting verses and words, and knowing He says, “I accept you… just as you are today and every day.”

“There’s NOTHING you can do to change my acceptance and love of you.”

THAT is what changed me.  THAT is what put me at ease about mistakes (not that I’m perfect at this).

It’s similar to that quote that says, “If you knew you could not fail, what would you do?”

So WHY NOT live freely?

– free to love
– free to give
– free to receive
– free to make choices – as HE DESIGNED
– free to make mistakes

I believe this has to be our foundation.  I believe He likes to see what we will choose.  I don’t believe there is only one option in every case.  That would not be a choice then.  That would not HONOR free will AT ALL.

If this is our foundation in Him, we will naturally, or supernaturally make better choices as we go.


And as many say… we learn from our mistakes and we move on.


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Baby Step #18 ~ Acceptance


IMG_1313 IMG_1321  IMG_1356 IMG_1372 IMG_1389

Accepting myself each day… This is where I’m at…

Not judging whether it’s right or wrong…  It’s just where I’m at for today.
Embracing the feelings that go with that… good or bad or neutral…
Letting go of the hurts that caused it.
Forgiving the people involved.
Forgiving myself!

Accepting where things are for today… The joys and the pains…

This baby step has been ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to this season of my life.


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Baby Step #5 ~ Eliminate/Reduce Processed Foods


My friend was reminding me yesterday about processed foods.

You are really a “Level Up” when you stop eating heavily processed foods.  That means the “super convenient” things that come in a box, or frozen to microwave meals, fast food meals, etc.

If you’re going to continue having some dairy or meat for a while in your life, (which I don’t recommend) you can at least eliminate the worst processed versions of them.

Buy things with the fewest ingredients, the least amount of added hormones, antibiotics, etc. in them.

At least save yourself from the pains that those things cause.  Get the most “whole” and fresh version of it, unless you can make the time to prepare things yourself.

For me, the quickest food on earth is fruit.  And it digests the fastest, freeing up plenty of energy in my body to heal old problems and leave me with plenty of energy for my day!  Nothing beats fruit in my opinion!  Greens are in line right after that!  YOU ARE WORTH IT!  You are worth the time it takes to prepare a fresh smoothie, or eat a big salad with sweet fruity dressing on top!

In fairness, it took me a while to get off of these processed foods that I had grown up eating for quick meals.  But the more I became AWARE of them, and the better choices, the better it got over time.

Of course, be patient with yourself, and accept yourself today where you are at.  But continue to grow in your awareness of these topics, and you will want to make better choices for yourself in the future!

Books I recommend for more information:

Diary of a Raw Vegan, by me!  On sale for $2.99 right now
80/10/10 by Douglas Graham
Go Fruit Yourself by Freelee
The China Study by T. Colin Campbell
Books by Megan Elizabeth for Recipes and Lifestyle


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♦ My 10 Favorite Things About Being RAW Vegan ♦


1. WEIGHT LOSS! = Weight goes DOWN!!  I can’t keep my weight down on Raw til 4 or Raw til dinner, or cooked food in general.

2. HEALED = of so many things! Asthma GONE, arthritis GONE, constipation GONE, allergies GONE, digestive issues GONE, teeth sensitivities GONE, dry skin and dry eyes GONE! and more on the way!

3. ALKALINE BODY = No more mosquito bites. The theory is I’m more alkaline now, and mosquitos like acid bodies for lunch 🙂

4. LIGHTER AND CLEANER = I feel lighter and cleaner.

5. DISHES = I only need to rinse my dishes.  No pots or pans to clean or scrub either! Woo!

6. ENERGY = I have more!

7. SLEEP = I sleep better.  I’ll have to monitor this, but I think insomnia is over!

8. EXERCISE = I crave exercise more.

9. TANNING = No longer get burned in the sun. I get pink and tan, but no bad burns.

10. PEACEFUL = Hormonally even. No cramps during cycle! Wayyyy more at peace with myself and the world leading up to this time and during this time!

11. ANIMALS NOT SUFFERING = I forgot this one!  So there’s an 11!  I didn’t come into this lifestyle for the animals, but I’m happy that they aren’t suffering on account of my food choices, now that I’m aware of what’s happening out there!

Don’t forget, a new Baby Steps Challenge starts here on Wednesday!

My Baby Steps Facebook Group is at this link to join in:

Keepinitfruity Baby!

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U.S. Moving Toward GMO Free?

First state in the U.S. to finally move forward and ban harmful GMOs?

The Mayor signed Anti-GMO Law.

Heres the link to the story:

“But according to reports, GMOs have now been banned on the Big Island, thanks to the tireless efforts of local activists.”

Will it spread to mainland?

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Crazy, Wild n Wonderful Date Nights!

What do we do when we want to get CRAZY after 14 years of wedded bliss? (at least half the time is bliss… The rest is just wedded)?

Throw on some long hair extensions and play dress up! See who can get sexier!

Try on all our clothes that we would ONLY wear in 100 degree weather and pretend we are in the TROPICS BABY!

Play some reggaeton n salsa, maybe one bachata, and veganize some yummy Mexican food!

A fake Margarita and maybe end with a massage on our massage table (why not?)

Ok, that may not be the ending! Haha!

If you’re getting judgmental right now, STOP IT, I’m married!

Go have some FUN!

Love n Hugs my people!





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