Jen’s Baby Steps Challenge

This is RAW food and healthy living for the motivationally challenged.

I feel GREAT when I’m eating all RAW, but let’s be honest… for the vast majority of people it’s not easy to just go raw, and stay raw all the time.

I don’t know about you, but I grew up eating burgers and fries, pasta, pizza, ice cream, and donuts.  These were my favorites, for sure!  Suddenly, in my early 20’s, disasters surfaced in my health!  Thankfully, I had a doctor referred to me that knew about nutrition and told me to remove dairy and a few others from my eating.  This made the first huge difference.

After more struggles with digestion and daily fatigue, another doctor recommended no gluten or dairy (I was back on the dairy), AND if I could get all the way RAW, that would be the best for me.  I was excited to get started!  It took a year of mainly gluten and dairy free, with a few months of trying a raw detox.  I always felt so much better on the raw.  However, I would only last about a month or so, and I’d go off.  Back to the old way of eating…  even to gluten and dairy again.  Then I would feel bad, and wonder if this would ever work!

Shortly after that, an awesome person encouraged me to take baby steps in this, such as, one step per week for a year.   I LOVED the idea!  I knew I could celebrate one easy step per week, and I knew that others wanting help could do it too!

So, even if you’re not sure about going raw, but you would love some encouragement toward a healthier way of eating, then hop on this train with me, and let’s see where it goes!

 52 steps that helped me go from a Junk Food Junkie to a Raw Vegan…

…in E-book form, coming soon!

I have logs of my daily eating of raw/vegan food and how it went at this link:

and in my book, Diary of a Raw Vegan, here.


One response to “Jen’s Baby Steps Challenge

  1. Patricia janke

    I enjoyed adding honey to my diet and stevia. I have no white sugar in my cupboard. Thanks Jen

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