52 Steps

52 Steps from Junkfood Junkie to Raw Vegan

I recommend you try one step per week.  If it takes you longer, then be patient with yourself, and don’t give up 🙂  This is what worked for me.

I have begun a new 52 steps – see the main page for the new line up!  

Raw almond butter ~ Use this on a banana for a snack.  (My blog post and video on this.)

Almond milk ~ For coffee, instead of cream (same as above).  You can use almond milk and agave nectar in recipes now, instead of cows milk or sugar.  You may notice you have less congestion and less colds when you do this.

Take measurements, instead of constant weighing on a scale.

I used a piece of sewing inseam tape, with no numbers.  I would use a sharpie to record a line and a date for these spots:

Right arm (up near the bicep)

Bust (widest part)


Hips and butt (widest part)

Right thigh

Right calf

Just to give an idea of where to measure once a month or so.

0110131520 0110131521

Then you can see if you lost 2 inches in a few months, without stressing or obsessing over numbers.

6.  Gluten free – As much as possible

There are lots of gluten free options to switch out into your daily diet.  Gluten free pasta, gluten free bread options, you can bake with gluten free flour, there are even gluten free chips (generally of the tortilla variety).

There’s a plethora of reasons to go gluten free…

See this post https://babystepstobetterme.wordpress.com/2012/04/01/15-why-be-gluten-free-2/ 

for the long list of ailments that can be “healed” with a gluten free diet.

7.  Vitamix

The sooner you can get a Vitamix in your life, the better 🙂

This will help you make awesome smoothies, and my raw moccachino (simple or complex version), and so much more!

Getting your smoothies in the morning, and eventually for lunch will help you get a lot of your raw and healthy calories in for the day. Plus the Vitamix helps your smoothies be “smooth” and not so pulpy.

This page is under construction 🙂  Come back soon for more!


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