Nails! A Window to Your Health?

Nails class photo

Watch the Video Here

I want to have a quick chat about your NAILS!

What can you tell from your nails?

Nails can be a window to your health.

~  Do you have really white nails?

~  Do they have ridges?

~  Do they split and crack at the tips?  or are they brittle?

~  Do they have black bands?

What does all this mean?

We are going to learn about this at our “N Class:  Ningxia, Nutrition, and Nails” Wednesday at 8pm EST from your couch!…  be SURE to click GOING on the link below!

See you then!

Free Class Online Wednesday, March 7, 8pm EST



***Disclaimer:  I’m not a doctor. I’m sharing from what I have learned from classes I’ve taken, and my own personal experience.


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