♡ Supernatural Provision & Honey Do Lists ♡

I woke up today to 2 things:

1.  A friend sent me a really good video message that helped me wake up with JOY!

2.  Then some “bad news” or “delay news” that my paycheck would be delayed a couple days.  

I had some plans of course for that paycheck, like tithe/offering, pay bills, take care of licensing requirements that are due, groceries, etc.

I thought it’s kind of ironic that I’m currently reading Patricia King’s book called, “Step into Supernatural Provision.”

Pat King book

I thought, “Well, I guess it’s a good day to keep reading my book!” 

After some encouraging, faith building thoughts from the book, the Lord started reminding me how He really went before me this week to prepare me for this delay.

♡  A friend gave me a pineapple this week!  She knew I was coughing a lot and that it would calm my system down.  (She’s a nutritionist!)

♡  When I went in for my favorite Bio Coffee earlier this week, the cashier threw in 3 extras!  How perfect!

♡  Another friend sent me encouragements to get me through!

♡  My small business had made a few sales this week, and really helped cover this delay!

♡  I also received $50 FREE in groceries this week from my Young Living business from FREE points!  Woohoo!

The Lord also showed me I could cancel a more expensive licensing education class planned for today, and that I could do a much cheaper one this time!  I would not have had the cash for it had I not made the change!  WOW!


♡  Honey Do

The Lord has regularly told me to “put it on the list” anytime there is something I’m needing.  So I started (SEVERAL!) Honey Do Lists.  I have them all over my house now!  All different categories of things I’m trusting HIM to take care of for me.

Then every time one gets answered, I write down how He took care of that need or even want!

It’s been building my faith, and having me more quickly turn to HIM to meet every need!

Let me know if you do the Honey Do lists and some of the awesome provisions you receive!

♡  Also, if you are interested in Young Living Essential Oils for oils or the business side,
you may click   -> HERE <-  or message me for more info!


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