Another thing I’ve learned about in Florida is Wholetones DVD’s, CD’s, book and MP3’s.

They are filled with healing frequencies, light, sound, and color therapy.

I play these in the mornings, or during the day when I’m working on things in the house.  I play them while massaging.  I play them when I’m on a plane.  They are soothing and wonderful!

Florida updates:

After a nice summer visit up north, and working with family and clients up there, I’m back in Florida!

I made it back just in time for Hurricane Hermine to pass alongside of us.  We had some flooding in some areas near us.  Thankfully my direct area was not affected!  Praise God!

I was blessed big time with a new little place, a SUPER LOVING landlord, and some beautiful furniture!

It’s ME time now.  I’m learning how to enjoy ME and my own space.  It’s refreshing, because I have not spent that much time in life focused on loving me.

Sending loving blessings to all!



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