Baby Steps ~ 38 Valuing the Truth of My Heart

Well, I’m off to a great start for 2016!  Back in Florida after the holidays.

Doing both Raw Til 4 and Fully Raw.  I received as a gift Freelea’s book

Raw Til 4

and bought Kristina’s book

The Fully Raw Diet

and am incorporating both into my life.  I can feel the vibe of America or maybe even the earth – many many people aiming for improvement in their health and diets.  What a great time for a cleanse and a re-start!  Ride that wave!

I’ve had some detox days lately since I’ve lowered my fat intake.  I can feel a bit sluggish as all that old stuff leaves the body.

I was on a great schedule of swimming and biking before the holidays, and now feeling strong in the diet area, but slowly getting back on track with the exercise.  I swam yesterday outside, even though it was 65 degrees Fahrenheit!  The water was warm, but getting out… BRRRR!!!

Spiritually, I’m reading the book, Keep Your Love On by Danny Silk.  It’s exactly what I needed!  The latest thought that resonated with me today is how can I value the truth in another person well, if I don’t value the truth of my own heart well?

Profound stuff!  I’m definitely learning to value and validate my own heart, and value truth above everything else.

Divorce has not been easy by any means.  I’m learning a lot about myself.  I still debate a bit between moving forward or waiting for reconciliation.  Being is Florida away from it all is helpful to get my head clear.

Either way, this I know… I’m…



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