Baby Step ~ 35 Fruit Hydration


I’ve noticed recently that when I’m eating plenty of juicy fruits in summer, like watermelon and grapes, I’m not as thirsty for water.

I had read in the past that fruit is the best water, and water filtration system there is.  It’s packed with excellent water!

I’m back from my year of massage school.  It was a very awesome time of learning and meeting new people with like minds.  I’m so grateful for those experiences.

I’ve gotten off track with my eating this summer, since I’ve been back, and now I really really REALLY want to be back on track!

Too many aches and pains have crept back into my life from eating high fat foods at the fairs and festivals.

So this week, I’ve pressed the restart button, and am aiming for a month long raw detox!  At least a month!!!  I already feel better!





I’m not a doctor.  These are just my experiences and experiences of those around me, as well as my research over the years.


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