Baby Step # 31 ~ Blood Test Results ~ for a Highly Raw Vegan


A few months ago I was getting my blood work done, and since I have been mainly vegan and highly raw now since 2010, I wanted to check all of my levels including B12 levels.

My good news was that the doctor and nurse were even jealous of how good my blood work was!  My cholesterol and protein levels, everything was in fabulous condition.

The ONLY thing that was not in perfect range was my B12, which we expected.  And it was only a few numbers lower than the perfect range.

I have become more diligent about taking B12 supplements now.  And I have learned that methycobalamine is the better source for B12 (both in my nutrition class at school, and from many other raw vegans that I follow).

I have been meaning to report this fun and good news now for a while, and am happy to finally get it out there!

Blessings on your journey to better health and better you!




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