Baby Step # 29 ~ I Don’t Wanna Feel Like Crap Just Because I’m 40!!!

Can anyone relate?


I finally got an oomph of motivation to do a serious detox again!  I’m doing a clay detox that I learned from my chiropractor and massage place.

I already am feeling loads better!  I can feel the toxins leaving!

I just had so much going on in life lately, I think I needed to just stay status quo for a while.  Taking on school for this year has been so awesome, but definitely changed what I focus on.

My spiritual beliefs are to rest in the Lord, wait on Him for strength and motivation/empowerment to move forward in these directions like detoxes that would be healing to me.

I’m happy to report I’m on Day 3!  And I’m not very hungry surprisingly!  So I know this was the perfect time to do this.  It’s all liquids, for however long I can keep it going.  At least 3 days, but perhaps longer 🙂

I got really inspired lately from Gary Young (Young Living Essential Oils), who did a year long detox of the Master Cleanse!  That is AMAZING!!!

And he had MAJOR health improvements with that and his quest for improved health!  He even healed out of a wheelchair!  SERIOUS stuff!

Well, blessings and good cheer to you!  All healing to you healthy minded friends!

Love and peace this season!



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