Baby Step #28 ~ Benefits of a Good Massage

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 9.45.58 PM

I’m currently in school for a special kind of massage, and I’m learning an incredibly long list of why massage is soooo good for us.  I just had to share some of these amazing benefits and encourage everyone to consider a good massage 🙂


~ increases circulation
~ reduces toxins
~ tones muscles
~ increases tissue nutrition
~ delays atrophy
~ heightens tissue metabolism
~ has a calming effect on the client
~ stimulates organs
~ releases tension
~ gives a sense of euphoria to the client
~ provides exercise to injury restricted muscles/body parts
~ stimulates the whole body
~ aids in preparation of athletes for an event
~ reduces recuperation time for overworked muscles
~ increases flexibility of tense muscles
~ helps muscles work longer and more efficiently

I would definitely say getting a massage as often as possible (once a month, or more if possible), is a great baby step to a better us!




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