Baby Step #23 ~ Receiving


I think a LOT of our “RECEIVERS” are BROKEN.

If a receiver is broken in terms of stereo equipment, then it cannot do its job.  It can’t transfer the awesome musical sounds out of the speakers to be enjoyed.


One small example in personal life:

When people give a compliment, can you just say, “Thank you?” (…taking it into your heart… letting it affect you… positively…)

Or do you say, “No… you’re wrong… and here’s why?”

And try to negate the nice thing someone is trying to offer you?

Then, this can be so much deeper and stronger… If you are trying to love someone over and over again for a long time, that just cannot receive that love…  They aren’t affected by it.  They aren’t touched by it.  They are just… numb.  Or maybe walled off.  Incapable of seeing or feeling the good thing coming their way.

It is very sad.

Reminds me of the U2 song… You’re So Cruel… 

~ ~ ~ ~

I personally want to be someone who stays tender-hearted.  I WANT to be affected.  I WANT to feel things.  I want to learn.  I’m curious.  I explore.  I enjoy.  

I’m not so afraid of getting hurt or broken-hearted anymore.  I know how to process those things.  And if I let someone in enough, and risk the broken-heart, then I know they are WORTH it!  Yes!  Worth even a broken heart!  

I DO have hope for people that are walled off… (the hopeful person that I’m designed to be).  

I just may not invest all my time in them anymore.  It’s too disheartening (and NOT so worth that broken-heart).  There’s very little joy in having so much to give and being met with total resistance.

I love being around self-aware people.  People that are moved deeply.  People that are affected by me and by the world around them.  

These people are my “tribe”.  



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