Baby Steps #21 ~ Unconditional Love

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It hurts like hell when we love people, and they don’t return the love…

or when we pour out, and they can only afford a trickle in return.


I say, fuck it, love them anyway….

Why should I feel condemned – if I loved them  – at the level of love I had for them

even if they could not return it?



The Holy Spirit has poured His LOVE out all over me and in my heart

so now, I have more love to give than I ever thought imaginable!!!


This is, I think just a glimpse of unconditional love…

the kind God has for me, Jesus has for me, the Holy Spirit has for me.


Do THEY stop pouring out on me, if I don’t return at equal measure?

–  hell no! 🙂

THEY KEEP pouring.
Grace KEEPS flowing.
Unconditional love and goodness CHASE us.
It doesn’t stop.

I CAN’T make it stop.  Haha.




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