Baby Step #19 ~ Honor

Honor is an AMAZING thing.

I think it can move mountains even!  (Metaphorical mountains at least.)

HOWEVER, honoring everyone important to you, but NOT honoring yourself, is… no bueno.  Actually damaging, and kind of like burying yourself alive.

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Zumba dancing on the beach



In the past, I got really good at putting EVERYONE else first… before me.

The problem with that?  It compromised the CORE of who I am.

And in the end, it doesn’t honor ANYONE when you are no longer true to yourself, and who you are designed to be.

I had to physically leave my current location to remember once again who I am, who I’m designed to be, and what honors me.  Then bring it all back into balance.  (Balance hasn’t fully happened yet :))

Yes, I still believe in compromising for the sake of a healthy relationship, but ensuring both sides are honored in those decisions.

I believe God honors us, and DID honor us in so many ways.  Four top ones that come to mind are the following:

– He made us in His image (perhaps similar to His mind, free- will, heart, and emotions)

– He thinks about us CONSTANTLY

– He sent Jesus to be the curse for us, so we could be His righteousness/His perfection (MAJOR honor to me!)

– He lets us be who we really are, accepting us each day as we are

So if HE majorly honored us, then we are WORTHY of MUCH honor, and learning how to honor ourselves.  I’m still learning, and here’s to that process!




Just – be-ing… enjoying life…





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