Baby Step #20 ~ Let yourself make mistakes


We all will…

So why live under pressure about it?

Worrying about making mistakes truly made it worse for me… In the past…

I would read verses in Bible that would “whip” me into shape… But it NEVER ever solved it for me.

Only hearing Jesus say… “Neither do I condemn you…” and other accepting verses and words, and knowing He says, “I accept you… just as you are today and every day.”

“There’s NOTHING you can do to change my acceptance and love of you.”

THAT is what changed me.  THAT is what put me at ease about mistakes (not that I’m perfect at this).

It’s similar to that quote that says, “If you knew you could not fail, what would you do?”

So WHY NOT live freely?

– free to love
– free to give
– free to receive
– free to make choices – as HE DESIGNED
– free to make mistakes

I believe this has to be our foundation.  I believe He likes to see what we will choose.  I don’t believe there is only one option in every case.  That would not be a choice then.  That would not HONOR free will AT ALL.

If this is our foundation in Him, we will naturally, or supernaturally make better choices as we go.


And as many say… we learn from our mistakes and we move on.



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