Baby Step #15 ~ Grounding


Grounding Your Electrons 🙂

Another way to help improve your mood, your sleep, and your energy levels is grounding.

What is grounding?

Putting your feet, your body, in touch with the ground, the earth, the beach and water, and the trees.

There IS actually scientific proof on this out there.

And it relates to electricity and energy.

When you are grounding your electric devices in your home, you are balancing them, so nothing gets electrocuted.

As far as your body is concerned:

Megan shares how grounding can speed up your blood, relax your nervous system, can help reduce joint pain, heart issues, help athletes recover faster, and more.

I’m going to let her and the other experts talk about it more, if you are interested…

Megan lists her detailed sources below the video.

It makes sense to me again, being created in a Garden (and without clothes originally) that getting out in nature and being in contact with it would help us feel better in many ways.

I’m aiming to get outside as daily as possible!  Every decent weather day!


KeepinitFruity 🙂



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