Baby Step #11 ~ Reduce/Eliminate Salt

We’ve been on a trip to Ecuador, so my apologies on the late posting!

It was interesting that I was less bloated in my face while in Ecuador. I noticed that even the plantain chips (chifles) that I was eating had way less salt than our American chips!

Thankfully I did not get sick there, although many family members got sick.

I didn’t eat the meat at all, but there was some dairy in my food. It interestingly did not cause me any trouble though, where in the U.S.A. I would have been nauseous, congested, and messed up!

So my message for this Baby Step is simply to become aware of your salt intake, and reduce your levels. This will help you be less bloated.

I’ve watched videos from experts that say that salt holds 100 times its weight in water. So imagine how much water your body is holding in order to detoxify the salt that it doesn’t like.

Salt probably wasn’t something ready made in the Garden of Eden either, so I don’t think it was part of the original eating plan πŸ™‚

KeepitFruity πŸ™‚

Links about salt:

…and here’s the American Heart Association’s link on salt if you don’t like my other links :

Some pictures from Ecuador:


Avocado as big as my head!


Beautiful sunsets over the Pacific Ocean!


A great bay to swim in.


Dragon fruit.





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