Baby Step #10 ~ Coconut Oil Instead of….

Replace oils w coconut oil… If still cooking, then supposedly this can handle the high heat the best, better than olive oil, etc., without turning toxic.

(There are others I have read that supposedly work as well.)

uses for coconut oil

There are also many many uses for coconut oil.

I’m trying more and more of these to see if they work for me, instead of chemical-laden products.

Sunscreen ~ I have been using it for sunscreen, and I have not burned in the sun. Granted, I go out in the sun after 3pm, when the sun isn’t as strong. And I’m eating a low-fat diet, so that is supposed to keep the sun burns and melanoma away!

Skin ~ My skin also feels softer after using the coconut oil.

Teeth/gums ~ I’m using it as a mouth wash (called oil pulling) to keep the gums healthy on a high fruit diet.

Bug repellant ~ Seemed to work last summer, along with having a more alkaline body.

Eye cream ~ I do like the results I get after putting this on.

Trader Joes and Costco have been my two favorite places to buy cold pressed extra virgin versions.



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