Baby Step #7 ~ Live Long and Prosper ~ the Longest Living People on Earth

Read some phenomenal books.

❤  Winter is a GREAT time to cozy up with a warm drink and a good book!  ❤

Why not read about the cultures in the world that live the longest and healthiest lives?

The book, 80/10/10, by Dr. Douglas Graham highlights these cultures in a section of his must-read book!  See the picture below!

Two of these cultures lived on 1% of their daily intake coming from animal protein, very high carbohydrates (good whole, plant-based sources), and very low fat, protein, salt, and ZERO processed foods.  Fascinating!


There is also a book mentioned by John Robbins, simply dedicated to this topic.  See picture for details.

These two books below are really must-haves or must-reads at least, in my opinion.  They change your thinking completely, and you will NEVER go back to your old ways after reading these!  It’s just not possible.

❤  80/10/10 by Douglas Graham

❤  The China Study by T. Colin Campbell

These are where I got my BEST information from.

Other valuable sources:

❤  Books by Megan Elizabeth for Recipes and Lifestyle at this link:

❤  Go Fruit Yourself by Freelee

Keep it fruity with me!

❤  Diary of a Raw Vegan, by me! On sale for $2.99 right now

❤  Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and Week to improved health, because you love yourself too  ❤


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