Baby Step #6 ~ Become Aware of What is in Your Food

Meat… What’s in it?
~  Cows fed to other cows as food
~  Chicken and pig glue… (not even food)
~  Pink slime
~  Blood vessels
~  Deer and possum road kill fed to the cows
~  Fear and adrenaline from knowing they are about to be abused and killed

…and THAT is going into YOUR body, if you are eating meat and burgers and hot dogs!  The U.S. can get away with a LOT right now in this department!  Be informed PLEASE!


I’m preaching to myself here, as someone who has struggled to get off of burgers, “the all American food.”  I needed a wake up call about what I was eating blindly!

Educating yourself on these matters is quite likely enough to change some of your habits, without even trying.

These videos will CHANGE your life!

Link to earthlings here:
Link to an important message from Freelee about what is in your burger:

I understand this is a controversial topic.  But we all should know what we are putting inside of us, that sometimes is NOT even food.

KeepinitFruity for my health, life, and family!

Picture is from this link:


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