Baby Step #3 ~ Go Gluten Free

Baby step #3

Go gluten free.  

There are so many good options out there now.  There’s no reason to have to deal with gluten on a daily basis anymore.

♦  You can buy Gluten free or Ezekiel bread instead of regular bread.

♦  Gluten free noodles for pasta. My favorite was corn pasta. It digested so well for me.

♦  Other options are rice noodles.

♦  You can buy gluten free flour instead of regular white flour for baking.

My video on what I eat as a raw vegan (raw til dinner), shows my corn pasta at the end…

Gluten is not a very natural thing.  I rank it in the GMO category for sure.

I read Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s book… the G-Free-Diet.  It’s worth the read to understand the damage gluten does to our bodies, and the options out there to avoid it.  She has a really long list of ailments that gluten can cause or contribute to!

Keep Baby Steppin’ It!


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