Gaining Weight Instead of Losing Weight?

If you have been following me for a while, you know that my weight has been “stuck” at this level and not budging. I know I have a little more jiggle to lose, so what’s the deal?

I just saw this video from Plant Based Athlete, and I’m having a major revelation!

I really like this guy’s answer!

He shows how a lot of us eating Raw Til 4 or raw food until dinner, and then a high carb, low fat vegan dinner may be…

– overestimating our fruit calories and
– underestimating our starchy dinner calories

Thus, causing weight gain or weight “stuckness” (my word).

I like it!

I’m going to investigate this further and see if that’s my issue!

So basically I would need to increase my fruit calories further, and reduce my dinner starches, but weigh them to know for sure where I’m at.

Because perhaps I’m eating over 4000 calories per day, when I think I’m eating 3000.

Yikes! But good to know!

Check out his awesome video which details this further… Especially if your weight is stuck, even though you are raw vegan or raw til dinner.


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