❄❄ Gray Hair Natural Fix ~ Sesame Oil?

I had heard about this and gave it a try.

I have had premature gray hair since I was 18 years old.

❄ So what I just tried was the following:

1.  Lather and massage into dry scalp sesame oil (untoasted seems to be preferred).

2.  Either leave on for 20 minutes or more, or sleep with it on overnight for stronger faster results.  (Can put a shower cap or similar item over the top to avoid the smell.

3.  You can add heat to it (blow dry it or sit in a sauna with it) also supposedly speeds up results.

4.  The people I heard it from said to wash your hair with some shampoos and conditioners that cut through oil.

This was how it looked after a couple of nights sleeping with it on.  You can especially see near the front that there is more color now.  The sesame oil even changed the roots, which were due for a highlight touchup.

Sesame oil hair

…which is quite different from this look below, which was before I dyed it, and it was all natural (with plenty of gray in the front).

Gray hair pic

It did leave my hair quite greasy, even after a shower and condition.

No guarantees this will work for anyone, just giving a try something I heard about.

❄ For maintenaince ❄

People said to reapply once a week as a suggestion.

If you do a search on this on the web, you will see there are many told benefits to sesame oil for the hair.  Everything from thickening to darkening, to moisturizing dry scalp or dandruff problems away.

I’m not promising to stick with this, but it is interesting to see if it works and to what degree!


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