❄❄❄ New Book Release!! Diary of a Raw Vegan ❄❄❄

My first E- book!  FREE to the first 10 to download it!  (If you are 1 of the first 10, it will say FREE when you click.)


Click on picture above to get to a FREE Preview page of my book,

❄❄❄   Diary of a Raw Vegan  ❄❄❄

From junkfood junkie to raw vegan.

In my journey to health, I longed to read stories of people that had gone through the transitions that I was going through.  This story will be one like that.

❄   One to read for comfort that you are not alone in this journey to better health.

❄   One that shares a plethora of lessons and tips learned as a beginner raw vegan.

I was curious what detoxing people went through, and wanted to know that what I was going through was “normal”.   I hope this does the same for you.  Includes my life story, raw vegan recipes, tips I learned, testimonies of improved health, photos, and daily journal entries.

❄❄❄  Blessings on your journey!  ❄❄❄

Keep it Fruity 🙂

292 pages


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