♡♡ Results ~ 30 Day Exercise Challenge ♡♡

I completed my exercise 30 day challenge.  I alternated 100 squats with peak 8s on the bike, stairs, skating, and trampoline.

I don’t really see much difference yet in the pictures.  Ever so slight difference.  Pics below, before/ after, before/ after is the order.

My weight is around the same – up a pound even.

❄❄ Noticed improvement: ❄❄

❄ One Inch ~ off my kneees and arms.

❄ Forgot about the scale a lot (much more peace of mind there!)

❄ Energy better (sometimes wanted to work out again in the same day!)

❄ Had to deal with more cravings though – for cooked food, was a bit more ravenous feeling.

❄ Better circulation, warmer in typically cold limbs.

I’m planning to keep going for the year, and see how it goes.  Mainly every day (aiming for), but probably 1-2 days off a week in reality.


How is it going for you this holiday season?

♡♡  Love n Hugs!  ♡♡

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