No Tummy Aches This Holiday

Fun & silly song above to make food combining easy!

Let’s give ourselves a break! No tummy ache today!

Start with Sweet Fruits today…
Bananas, Figs and Dates
Papaya Persimmon…
Jackfruit Lychee

These mix well with greens, your lettuce and your leaves (sprouts too)
And also with… sub acid fruits


Keep your melons alone. (waving finger) They MUST be alone.
Cantaloupe, honeydew
Watermelon too
They are best in the morning
Yes , very first thing
And give yourself some time, before eating a lime (or anything else)


Next up Sub Acid Fruit
Mango apple grape
Cherry Stonefruit
All berries here too (the berries can combine with fat)
What do sub acid fruit mix with?
Sweet or acid fruits, and your greens baby


And now for Acid Fruit
Orange and lemon lime
Tomato Grapefruit
Pineapple Clementine
Mandarin Pomegranate
Your acid fruits can MINGLE with sub acid fruits, greens and fats

But not so great with sweet fruit…


Let’s take a look at fats
Nuts seeds avocadoes,
durians, and
young coconut flesh
Fats go with greens,
acid fruits and starchy veggies,
A word to the wise though…
Eat the durians alone
We don’t want a tummy ache, no
That would not be wise
Not a good combine


Now if your having high carb and low fat cooked…

Starchy veggies are the following:

Sweet potato, beet
Corn, squash and peas,
Pumpkin, Cauliflower, cabbage, carrot

These go with three things

acid fruit and…

Let’s give ourselves a break
(High) No tummy ache today!


Raw Jenni Trivia:

What movie did Gene Kelly tap dance on roller skates?

Leave your guesses below in the comments and the answer will be – in the next video 🙂




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