SKATING!! 30 Day LEVEL UP Updates, Day 7

Quick updates on the challenge!

I’m loving the changes I’m experiencing with the 20 minutes or less of exercise daily.  The squats only take 3 minutes.

✿   I love how the body adjusts and gets stronger so quickly!
✿   My mood is up overall.
✿   Clothes are looser.
✿   Weight is actually up a bit.

I’m eating more calories… suddenly around 3000 or more a day.  I’m hungrier and adjusting to it all.  Also, I’ve been eating more fat these last few days.  Hopefully that will adjust back down as I learn to get the right number of fruit carbs in.

✿   Feeling good.
✿   Sleeping well!

I’ve been doing the Peak 8 on my stationary bike, 100 squats, and skating this week.  Something each day!

Skate video below (click on pic).



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