Bloated & Angry Raw Vegan?

Bloated n Angry

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Does Raw Food Make Menstruation Worse?

What do you think?


Not Raw ~

While in college, I had surgery in my late teens/early 20’s on my ovaries for a cyst and a growth.

The doctors said I would NEVER be able to get off of Ibuprofen, for the horrible cramps, etc.  They had me on very strong prescription ibuprofen.  These were my symptoms then, and when NOT eating a raw food/raw vegan diet.

~ Cramps from HELL!

~ Jelly legs

~ Angry lady gone postal

~ Acne

~ Foggy head, dizzy

~ Really hard to go to work like this

Recent years, on top of the above issues, my cycle started coming every 3 weeks, only 2 weeks off per month!  EYEyeyeyey!

Plus hot flashes and night sweats!  I was diagnosed with early menopause!


RAW ~ When I’m following a Raw Vegan/ Raw Food diet (low fat):

~ Angry lady stays on vacation somewhere else

~ Cramps are minimal to none

~ Foggy head is not so foggy anymore

~ Less facial breakout (not perfect at this point)

~ NO LONGER take ANY ibuprofen or medicines for ANY part of it!  Since 2010 when I started a high raw, gluten free, dairy free diet

~ Jelly legs are better

~ In general, the whole cycle is a lot lighter and easier

~ AND NOT coming every 3 weeks!

~ No more night sweats, and hot flashes reduce to warm/mild instead of intense!

I need a manageable life, for getting up early in the mornings, to go to work, etc.  So my conclusion… RAW VEGAN WINS!!! it’s WAY better on RAW and RAW VEGAN!  Woo!!!!


What do you find works for you?  Please share in the comments.

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Love and hugs!


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