Too Much Raw Food Messed Up My Digestion?

Constip final

Click on picture above for the video of what happened!

I saw my Dad deal with pre-cancer/cancer in his colon, and I wanted a way out!


I grew up on convenient but processed foods!  Lots of soda and acne to go with it!

I was having stomach problems most of my life.

I saw a doctor in my 20s that did look at my nutrition.  She told me to eliminate beer and dairy 🙂

I did, but that didn’t fix everything.  It helped some.

I still had bad constipation, gas, digestion, reflux, etc.

In 2010 I began eating a high raw food diet, with gluten and dairy free food as well.

Almost everything cleared up!

I was still learning about proper food combining, which affects digestion greatly!

In 2012, I found Dr. Graham’s book 80/10/10, and began following it.

~ NO MORE constipation!

~ Most gas was gone, and nothing stinky anymore!

~ Most heartburn and reflux eliminated!

~ Stomach pains gone, unless I ate unripe fruit, or detoxing something.

~ BLISSFUL digestion, regular and healthy!

No more toxins staying in my body for more than 4 days!  Raw food digests in about 24 – 48 hours max, vs. cooked food can take up to 100 hours to digest!  Especially highly processed, fried foods!  YUCK!

I would LOVE to help you in your raw food or raw vegan journey!

See my Coaching page here, or email me at to discuss options for you.

Love and hugs!


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