44 – Back From A Trip

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We are back from a fun and busy trip to Europe.

I got to enjoy some wonderful fruits like cherimoyas in Spain.

I enjoyed a lot of other, non raw foods as well.

I’m gearing up now for a 6 month trial as a raw vegan.

I want the detox again, and I long for the clean living.

I stayed as vegetarian as I could.  And I just enjoyed myself no matter what.

By the end of the trip I was hurting.  Digestion had slowed back down dramatically, and the asthma and allergies were hitting me full force.  The reminders to stay raw vegan were all in my face again.

Aside from food, my favorite places were Paris – touring the museums with family and friends, Torino – touring with family and friends, and Spain – it’s just so pretty and the vibe is great!

I don’t really “get” Portofino.  I read and saw pictures about it, but once I was there, it just didn’t grab me like I thought it would.  It was pretty and small, smaller than I expected.  It wasn’t the best weather day either.  Perhaps that makes a big difference.

Venice was incredible.  The sunshine, the atmosphere, and really everything was awesome about it.  We enjoyed it tremendously 🙂

A good trip for sure, but I’m glad to be back home now, preparing to go as raw vegan as possible.  I’m re-reading my favorite books about it, and reading a new one to become fully persuaded that this is the life for me!

I’m also learning a lot on the spiritual aspects of healing, and pondering how that trumps all of my efforts in the natural.  I have a lot to learn, but will enjoy the journey 🙂

Stay tuned!



Link to the spiritual podcasts I love:


Books I’m re-reading:

80/10/10 by Douglas Graham

You in Bloom by Megan Elizabeth

New book I’m reading:

Raw Food Controversies by Frederic Pautenaude


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