39 – Fitness and Fun Goals for 2013

My energy and motivation have definitely been increasing.  I’ve been thinking more about what types of exercise I really enjoy and want to do regularly, or once in a while.

These are all motivating to me 🙂

skate race acroyoga acroyoga2 beach cycling beach skate bike in water bikin on da beach bikin on da beach2 blading path classy skater on beach fitness fun bike on beach handstand by water Health goals muscular strength riviera beach dancg rowing skate fly skatg on da world skating at the beach standin on hands step up bungee action surfin tramp water4 trampoline bungee water trampoline water trampoline2 water trmpolin3 wind surfg windsurf jump yoga stretch zumba beCH zumba calm zumba jumps zumba moods zumba new black

So far, I think that getting my calories up above 3000 a day on 80/10/10 is helping to motivate and increase energy.

We’ll see how it goes!




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