33 – Pura Vida – 80/10/10


The Lord has just bumped me and my family up another level!

We have stumbled upon the 80/10/10 way to eat, and it is pure satisfaction!

I was having major digestive issues in the last few weeks, and started eliminating meat, gluten, dairy, soy, and cooked food from my life.  I was researching some blogs and found this way of eating that sounded like pure Heaven to my digestive system!

I have been logging my daily journey with it at this blog link:


I’m not perfect at it yet, but the funny thing is… I’m more raw now than ever before!  Because I’m aiming so high, I’m landing in a really heavenly raw zone!  I love it! 🙂

I feel so satisfied eating this way.  My food cravings have disappeared!  I’m not kidding!  My cells and body feel so satiated that even if I get hungry at the end of the night a little bit (like after 11pm), I don’t need to eat anything.  It’s so wild!  I’ve been looking for this answer my whole life.  I always felt so hungry so quickly after eating cooked food.  Even if I would eat a huge meal, the hunger would return, and I never knew why.  Now I know why.  My cells were never satisfied with that food.  It was lifeless, nutrient drained and deficient.  My cells were malnourished in a big way!

There’s a quote that says, overweight people are actually starving to death (from malnourishment)!  I believe it!

I would have trouble losing enough weight and keeping it off, yet I was always so hungry eating crappy food.  It never made sense.


Sure, there are more things to learn on this “diet” but it has been the easiest transition for me yet.  My body loves the fruit.  I have wonderful smoothies all day long, then a big salad of greens and other goodies, limiting the fat to reasonable amounts.

Going raw in the first place was a lot harder than this, perhaps due to all the gourmet recipes I was trying to test and learn.   This plan is much simpler.  Few ingredients, or even just one ingredient sometimes 🙂

I’m so thankful this has come my way.  I feel like a new Jenni is emerging!

Two Moms in the Raw bars, in the shape of a heart 🙂

Beautiful kale in the garden

Links explaining 80/10/10 if you are interested:


Link to the book by Dr. Graham:



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