26 – Travelling

WEEK 5 of High Raw

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I wouldn’t say I’m very “High Raw” right now on this leg of the trip.  It’s hotel and eating out time.  The fruit at the hotel did not look so appetizing.  Perhaps because the bacon and potatoes looked significantly more appetizing.  I don’t know how raw foodies turn this stuff down and choose fruit instead.  I understand when I’m at home and can blend a delicious fruit drink in my Vitamix, but how do people do it when they stay at hotels?

I have had salads and veggies, and some fruit.

I’m amazed at some of the raw foodies out there that sprout their own sprouts while travelling.  I’m guessing their first year of going raw they weren’t that advanced, but maybe?

Day 29 – Fun & Healthy

Went out to lunch with the ladies.  We found this great place with lots of healthy options!

Then hiked to a gorgeous waterfall with my new friend.

Day 30 – As I look at the photos, and really enjoy the beauty… I also hear myself being very critical of myself.  “Oh, I hate this angle in this outfit, etc.”

I surrender this critical attitude Lord.  Help me just enjoy… no matter where I’m at.

I’m definitely eating well… not meaning the healthiest, but yummy.

I really got hit with pain this week.  Digestion is not happy.  Cramps galore.

Day 31 – Airports

Here are the healthier options I ran into…  fruit, dried fruit, healthy veggie chips.

Here is what I ordered instead… a nutella crepe… along with baked fries (at least they were baked :))

The crepe was a lot lighter than I expected.

Day 32 – South Beach, FL

Accidentally bought into a tourist trap.  Margaritas bigger than our heads and pocket books.

We ate pretty light though.  We found a chicken curry and rice dish to split, and much later a small pizza with pineapple.  We danced a bit, begging the D.J. to play more Pitbull 🙂

Day 33 – Key West

Drove spontaneously to Key West, FL.  We found a health food store in Key Largo that had some awesome healthy choices. We bought a raw energy mix of nuts and seeds.  Also carrot juice and mango juice, both organic.  They had Lara bars and pretty much everything raw I like.  So we just nibbled on these things during the day.  Body happy.

Wrote spontaneous songs along the way, during the 7 hour drive.  Can’t wait to put those together!

Day 34 – Miami

I love the music in Miami and the outdoor life here.  We met up with awesome relatives and split a meal at night.  We danced a bit more, just enjoying life.  Didn’t feel as full.  Felt better.

Day 35 – Ft. Lauderdale

Met up with another family member at a fabulous restaurant on the ocean.  Ate a pasta with goat cheese and some mahi mahi.  Creme brulee for dessert.  So good.  Lactose intolerance kicked in later though after I ate the second half of the pasta.  Eeyeyeyey!

Let me know how you are doing!




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  1. Patricia janke

    Marqarita looks very lovely, but very big. Love Mom

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