25 – Gray Areas

MY THEORY:  There is an early feeling of “I could stop eating now, and be satisfied.”

Then there is a continuum of gray area where I could stop, but if it’s tasting amazing, I’m going to keep going.

Then I approach the “Alright, if I don’t stop now, I will be in pain, have heartburn, and digestion is going to be awful!

And then finally, “I’m in PAIN!  Why did I do that to myself!!!?

I would love to stop at the “I could stop now” mark 99% of the time.  And then occasionally, when something is particularly tasty, stop in the gray area somewhere.  That is my goal.

Currently, I stop most often in the gray area, generally right up to the “I better stop now, or I’m going to be in pain” spot.  Occasionally I go over the line into the “Why did I do that to myself section?”  And once in a while when conversation is amazing, or something else distracts me, then I stop at the “I could stop here” point.

Years ago, I would stop at the far right all the time in the “PAIN” section.  It took a lot of surrender to let go of filling myself with food instead of facing why I want to use food to fill the emotional pain inside.  More on this later.

Week 4 of the Raw High Life

Day 22 – Hummus in the Vitamix

I made the recipe in the Vitamix cookbook for hummus (all raw except the chickpeas, but they were organic).  It was so warm and wonderful!  Had two bowls of salad with lots of romaine lettuce, broccoli sprouts, ground flax seeds, red onion, avocado, Bragg’s vinegar and olive oil (first cold pressed).  Sooo good!  Especially after a weekend of parties!  My body rejoiced!

I wanted to stop at an Arby’s on the way home from seeing my family up north, but thankfully, that exit was blocked! Woo!

I am really craving good healthy stuff!  Heading back to my Vitamix to blend some more!

Day 23 – Ugh!

Bummed that I had a piece of cake and gummy bears last night.  Up 2 pounds.  Sorry body!  I don’t feel sick this time though.  Maybe those two salads and hummus cleared a nice path in my system for the cake to slide by 🙂

Plus, we are about to go on a trip.  So I’m focusing on preparations for that, and less on the eating the healthiest.  I’m counting on God for showing us healthy choices on the trip everywhere.

Day 24 – Splitting

Running around is my excuse for eating not as healthy.  But in my defense, I split the burger and fry with my step-daughter.  So I don’t feel bad in my body or mind about it.  Do I wish I could give up the burgers and fries forever?  YES.  Do I hope I get there one day?  YES!

For me, splitting food is a great way to share the calories and not so great stuff.  If I “gotta have it,” I might as well share it and have less of it.

Day 25 – Progress Report

Sometimes it’s just good to remind myself of the improvements, since I’m not where I want to be yet.

  • Coffee – basically off coffee.  Had it one or two times in the last couple weeks.  Finding the raw chocolate drinks available in more places.
  • Vitamixing – for me and for the family.  We are incorporating way more fruits & vegetables into our daily lives!
  • Weight – going down.
  • Cravings – are changing.  I crave fruits and veggies much more.

Day 26 – Little Cabin in Virginia

Our first stop of our trip was a weekend in a cabin.  We were able to buy groceries and eat pretty healthy.  I felt so good about preparing food and getting creative.  This is a new thing for me to be so happy about cooking on vacation.  In the past, I really just wanted to eat out all the time.

My favorite thing I made was a sandwich with sprouts, hummus, eggs, and onions.  I was just using what we had to put a quick picnic lunch together, and it turned out delicious!

We got out on a lake with a paddleboat, and just “anchored” for a while, enjoying the sunshine and quietness in the middle of the lake.  So good!

I felt great about our food choices in the cabin.  Now we are headed to a conference and lots of eating out.  There isn’t even a fridge in the hotel room.

Day 27 – Wine Tasting

We were part of a group tour to a winery today.  It was super fun.  Definitely the best wine tasting event I have been to.  There were about 25 of us tasting about 10 different wines, from dry to sweet.

Then we had a superb meal.  I was thankful I skipped breakfast and only had some juices, because the day was filled with food.  I did stop eating before too full.

The group tour took us also to a Fudge Factory where I proceeded to load up on 2 pounds of fudge (not eating 2 pounds, just buying 2 pounds).  I’m not sure what I was thinking, except, “I love fudge.”  I bought 8 different flavors!  Oh my!

I didn’t really need dinner, but I went for it anyway.  I stuck with a vegetarian meal – eggplant and risotto.  The loaded baked potato soup put me into lactose hell for part of the evening.  We went for a brisk walk to burn off some of that overload.

Day 28 – Petite Red Robin

Well, I always wanted to try Red Robin, so today I did.  I gathered up the spouses that were not in the conference that we are at with our husbands, and we went out to tour (ok, shop).  I did find a banana chocolate shake made with honey earlier in the day at least 🙂

Red Robin was very good, and I found out that they do a petite size of any of the burgers and they give a discount then.  I tried the mushroom swiss petite burger.  Just about the right amount.  I feel like I need salads for a week now.

Conclusion of week 4 of High Raw – This week did not end very raw at all.  My body is mostly happy with me at least as far as digestion.  But I do feel full and like I’ve had more food than necessary.  I’m hoping husband will split the rest of the meals with me!  And a big hike to a waterfall sounds good for tomorrow!

Let me know how you are doing!




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