23 – Love My Vitamix!

WEEK 23 

It has boosted me and my family to new levels of health.  The Vitamix definitely is making it easy to stay mostly raw.

Link to shop if interested:


Please use this code for FREE Shipping:  06-007774

This picture below accurately describes how I feel about my Vitamix!

Second week of mostly raw:

Day 8 – I ate all raw all day today until dinner.  I wasn’t very hungry.  Had a banana with almond butter & honey for lunch.  Had my first cooked meal in about four days.  We’ll see how it fares digestion.

My quest for optimal family health…

Also noticing that if I leave a bowl of watermelon out on the table, everyone has some.  Watermelon makes a tasty dessert!  It’s sweet and delicious.  (As far as food combining, it’s better to have a couple hours after dinner, because it processes through the digestive tract quickly.)

Day 9 – Lost 5 pounds total so far!  Woo!  Husband lost 9 pounds so far!

We also drove past another fast food favorite yesterday when we were out of town, and we just ate our bars and drank our Vitamix drinks instead!  That’s huge progress for me at least!

Day 10 – Over-partied

Ate out Mexican last night with the family.  Didn’t overdo that, but the frozen yogurt with lots of toppings definitely made me feel sick.  My digestion slowed down drastically.  I felt disgusting, yuck.  Got back on track more today.  Did my peak 8 routine.

Day 11 – Progress!  

Husband gave up coffee now (of his own volition) and is drinking the chocolate drink I make instead 🙂

(See prior blogs about raw moccachino drink – I now blend it in the Vitamix and it’s super smooth!)

Started eating a Chia/Goji snack that has lucuma, camu camu and chia, and maca powder.  It’s pretty good for being a bunch of strange ingredients 🙂  It has chocolate after all!

http://www.navitasnaturals.com/products/snack/cacao-goji.html is the link to their website to see more about it.

Day 12 – Benefits

Did some research of benefits on some of the ingredients we are using in our drinks and soups:

  • Kale – strongly anti-inflammatory
  • Almond butter (raw, unsalted) – moderately anti-inflammatory
  • Avocado – moderately anti-inflammatory
  • Onion & garlic – strongly anti-inflammatory!

According to Nutritiondata.com (full link below)…


Day 13 – I also want my eyesight improved.  I’ve heard some people stop needing their glasses after eating raw for a while.  Anyone else heard this?  I would love to naturally heal that!

I read in this link that a girl lost 40 pounds eating a High-Raw diet (not 100% even)!  Exciting!


Day 14 – Happy Birthday

Made a birthday meal for husband last night.  Daughter made filet mignon on the grill.  I added these things made in the Vitamix:

Key lime smoothie

Acorn squash soup with real maple syrup

Topped it off with some dark chocolate (not raw, but still pretty healthy).

The amazing thing is generally beef slows my digestion way down, but it did not this time.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the High Raw diet I’m on now, that I can get away with the occasional good piece of steak, etc?

Anyway, I’m feeling thinner again, but am waiting on the scale check.  So excited though 🙂

Tropical Sunrise smoothie

I made this delicious drink yesterday too with these ingredients:

  • Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Peaches
  • 1/2 an Orange (with pith – see below about this!)
  • Agave
  • Water & Ice

Wildly amazing great reasons to include the pith of oranges and citrus fruits in your drinks:

“The white part of the rind, including the pith, has nearly the same amount of vitamin-C as the flesh and contains sources of pectin. Pectin is a soluble dietary fiber with potential to lower serum cholesterol, relieve diarrhea, act as an immune system stimulant and as anti-ulcer agent.

The pith, part of the protection layer for the orange, contains high levels of fiber, anti-cancer agents and important bioflavonoids (an antioxidant). So next time when you have an orange, think twice about peeling off those healthy beneficial white piths.”

From this link below:





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2 responses to “23 – Love My Vitamix!

  1. Hey Jen, here’s some healthy tips I’ve found from some of our products:
    My wife and I started using Double X as soon as we started up our business to test it out and see how well it worked using what we call the 3 day challenge. Take the product, which contains a multivitamin, a multimineral, and phytonutrient for 3 days, and then go off of it for 2 days and see how you feel.
    My asthma and allergies have been much better since using Double X. I was using my rescue inhaler far too often (almost once a day!) over the past few months because the mold, ragweed, and pollen has been so bad this year. I’ve been very stuffed up for a very long time as well, and have had sinus problems for many years.
    As for the results of our Double X challenge…we didn’t even make it the full 2 days! We felt miserable after about 36 hours: my allergies and asthma started bothering me a lot more, and my wife, who takes prescription medication that makes her sleepy, started feeling the effects of that medicine much more strongly than during the 3 days we were on Double X.
    The results for everyone probably won’t be as drastic, but for us, the product has been a game-changer. Improved asthma, allergies, and more energy on a daily basis have all been welcome results. I’m looking forward to seeing more of what this amazing product can do.
    We’re also loving the Rhodiola product for improved muscle recovery after workouts and extra energy during the day. One pill works at least as well (better for many people) than a cup of coffee, and two pills (the recommended dose) is amazing when you’re really sleepy or when you’re going for a hard workout.
    Thanks for reading. Just wanted to point out a few things that have really changed our lives these past few months. Check out our shop in the blogroll for extra information about our products and ordering information. Thanks!
    Your little bro,
    Dave Tatlock

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