22 – The Raw Food Zone


First week of mostly raw food…

Day 1 – really refreshing.  Had lots of energy.  Motivated to make several dishes, including a big salad, raw Thai soup, raw moccachino, veggies and dip, and raw crepes for dessert.  Did the Peak 8 workout (see prior blogs).

Didn’t really notice myself full on hungry.  Any other raw foodies notice they are not as hungry?

I’m guessing those nutrients are satisfying all my cells and saying “we don’t need any more”.  I still ate at dinner time though.  Didn’t feel over full, just satisfied with energy to spare!

I’m not really hungry or full ever.  I notice I start thinking about food before getting a bit hungry again.  But I’m never either extreme.

The family is happy with the healthy meal options.  They add corn chips 🙂

My teeth were feeling cleaner and healthier already.

Day 2 – rainy day.  Slept a good long sleep.  Felt a bit sluggish.  Yesterday was my first day without coffee, so perhaps the caffeine withdraw is kicking in.  But I did have raw cacao powder in my drink and dessert yesterday.  Hmmm…

Also wanted to jump on the scale already to see if Day 1 made a difference.  But alas, I’m aiming to wait until the end of the first 7 days.

Glad I made a bunch of raw treats yesterday, because I wouldn’t have felt like doing it today.

I still made a raw moccachino.  Almond butter sounds good for dipping today too.  We have a party tonight, so we’ll see how that goes 🙂

Post-party – I was amazed at how many healthy options were at the party.  I loaded up on raw veggies, grilled zucchini, and splurged a very little with non-raw treats.

Day 3 – I love my Vitamix!  It arrived on Day 2, we shopped for produce abundant on Day 3 and started blending!

My favorites so far that I’ve made:

Peach, Mango, Orange smoothie (this doesn’t even need yogurt, it’s so good!)

Tortilla soup

Chocolate ice cream

Acorn squash soup

Strawberry smoothie

Green & beet concoction husband made, masked by blueberries and apple – go husband!

My energy levels definitely stay up when I’m staying in the raw zone.  I’ve veered a bit here and there, but the Vitamix is super-motivating to get back in the zone!

Day 4 – Ate out for breakfast with my Dad, not raw, and didn’t feel great after that.  Went home and made four Vitamix recipes 🙂  Started feeling better again.

Day 5 – Drove past my old favorite place where I would drive thru for hashbrowns and ice cream drinks.  It was a huge miracle to not want to buy one today!  I didn’t even want to get it.  I was feeling too good from the raw and healthy food.  Yay!

Day 6 – Still not much joy from the scale, but I was thinking that probably over 6 months to a year, a big difference would occur there.

Day 7 – The scale finally showed the improvement.  2 pound loss.  Plus my digestion has really sped up.  No slow metabolism or digestive tract here!  Surprisingly, I don’t really crave regular food or desserts anymore.  I’m really enjoying the fruits in the Vitamix and the soups.  I’ve been off coffee for a week now, substituting my raw chocolate drink instead.  Plus, my desire for loads of water has gone down drastically.  I’m guessing because there is much less salt in my food and drinks now, and probably lots of water content in the fresh fruits (like watermelon).

I just read in the link below that there is potential to extend our lifespan by one third by eating raw diets.  It has been studied in mice so far.  Wow!


Exercise:  I’ve been doing the Peak 8 on the trampoline every other day, with a break on the weekend.  I miss my Zumba classes, and will have to find a way to still enjoy that.

Let me know how it’s going for you!




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