19 – Counting on God

WEEK 19 – Counting on God

Well, I’m ready to say, I’m just going to do the “Counting on God” plan.  I think it’s not even a plan.

I’m just trusting God to get me to a balanced, healthy place.

For me, this means:  improved health, hopefully a bit more raw each day and week, and a few pounds down is great!

I’ve had some recent motivation in the exercise department.  I’m learning about Dr. Mercola’s “peak 8” which I’m doing on a trampoline (more on this later as I figure it out).  Plus I’m enjoying some zumba, roller blading, and biking.  Ah summer!  How the motivations kick in!

Also, I’m taking the advice of a previous commenter, to focus on the glow and the energy when I eat raw, and not what I’m depriving myself of.  Since then, I am looking each day to what I can add to increase the energy and feel good, and it HAS helped a lot!  Thank you!

Finally, another motivation has kicked in… to have an exercise goal each week, and when I meet it, I reward myself with fries or something I’m craving.  I made it through this week meeting this goal, and celebrated.  It felt good waiting for the goal to be met, and I didn’t feel deprived waiting to get there 🙂

So onward and upward, day by day.

Let me know what works for you.  I’m listening.


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