Where Do We Go Now?

WEEK 18 – Where Do We Go Now?

I’m sitting here at lunch, eating a few bites of salad with kale, lentils, sprouts, etc.  then a creamy tomato soup, and a KitKat awaits me.

Since I’ve been just “going with the flow” I’ve been feeling well, not sick at all.  I’ve been eating about half raw, and half whatever.  But this leaves me wondering, what do I blog about?

I’m not on a “gung ho” raw feat anymore.  And how often can one blog about balance?  I suppose my blog could be all about balance.

I DO still wonder about the “amazing health” 100% raw people brag about.  I wonder if it’s true, and will it bring crazy, wonderful amounts of energy and make me more productive, less cranky, and whatever?

I still have hope that I will get motivated to get there, without forcing myself or depriving myself.

Is there ever really a GOOD time to go 100% raw?

I would think it would be summer…  when people naturally eat less, lose a few winter pounds, are out exercising more just for fun.  There’s not too many holidays to contend with.  Oh, but the weddings, and tailgating, and grill outs… Hmmm… Thoughts?

Well, for now, I am motivated to eat healthy in the mornings, generally raw bars or Lara bars.  (It’s just too early to think about comfort food.)

Lunch is still some salad, some soup, and sometimes fries.  An apple in the afternoon if I remember, otherwise the old standby – chocolate.  Dinner could be quinoa, veggies, grilled meat, and whatever dessert is around.

Well, raw foodies, if you have suggestions, I’m listening 🙂





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2 responses to “Where Do We Go Now?

  1. Well, I am a raw foodie. I can tell you that there **is** crazy energy when eating raw, it’s true! I also understand someone’s choice to stay balanced and not become a zealot who strictly eats only raw foods. (I actually wrote an article on my blog titled: Is Eating Cooked Foods & Animal Products A Sin?– which elaborates on this subject further).

    Based on your post here are my recommendations as a dedicated raw foodie:
    * Try to stop thinking of it as “depriving” yourself. Many beneficial things in life require discipline to produce results- i.e. exercise or losing weight. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and celebrate reaching toward these goals. One simple way to have fun in raw foods and not feel like you are depriving yourself is to adventure in new and tasty dishes. Pick a popular raw food book and commit to making 5 dishes for the week. List all the ingredients and buy the ones you don’t already have on hand. If you continue to do this you will have mastered your favorites in no time.

    * Try to stop focusing on this as perfection all or none type of deal. The 100%, 90%, 80% makes us feel like we grading ourselves. Drop the numbers and I think you will feel a lot less pressure. As far as a perfect time? It’s now. No matter what time of year there will always be events that offer foods that tempt us. Focus on why you are doing this, “the energy, glow, the lightness”, and again not on feeling deprived.

    * Lastly, if you could do only one thing, I would tell you to drop the breakfast bars and drink a green smoothie or juice in the morning. In fact, bring any leftovers with you to work to sip on. And if you still feel hungry bring a banana or apple. This step alone will give you that energy, and glow. It will also motivate you to continue to eat well throughout the day. If you deviate during the day you will be able to compare how amazing you felt in the morning with how you feel eating other foods.

    Hope this helps!

  2. I especially like the focus on the glow and the energy part! Thanks! Jen

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