16 – Balance

WEEK 16 – Balance

I have finally come to a place where I feel truly done with extremes… done with forcing myself to be all raw or such.  I’m enjoying just listening to my body and if I’m craving salad or fruit, going for that.  And if I’m craving pizza (which I am right now), eating that.

My theory now is that I will get to a really healthy balance if I avoid the extremes.

As shown from my gallbladder flush week, after a week of a “special diet” I go to the opposite extreme of fast food every day.  I’m definitely tired of swinging from one end to the other, and am now ready to flow into a balance now, no matter how long it takes!

I prefer the gluten free food whenever possible, but I can handle a little gluten if it’s what’s there.  I do crave raw food and snacks, so I’m not worried that I will only want junk food anymore.

The same goes with exercise.  I find it practically impossible to work out 5 times a week at an aerobic pace for 30 minutes or more.  But I love to skate for an hour once a week, and then throw in a walk or bike trip here or there.  Whenever I have tried to workout 5 or more times a week, I end up working out zero times the week after that, from being completely exhausted!  Anyone else find this to be true?

I’m actually enjoying this balance idea tremendously.  I’m happy when I’m fitting in my clothes, eating healthy, but not restricting myself from some “fun” foods and drinks when they are around.  This way I don’t go into “binge-mode” because I haven’t had any fun for a while!

Ah yes, back to all things in moderation idea.

We will see if I end up all raw or all gluten free from this, or if weight loss will just happen over time.  Any which way, I’m excited!  I’m definitely comfortable where I’m at, and feel like it can only get better.


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  1. Patricia janke

    Sounds like a lot of wisdom in that. You are beautiful inside and out no matter what. Love you MOM

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