13 – Foods You CAN Eat on the Gallbladder/liver Flush

WEEK 13 – Foods You Can Eat on the Gallbladder/liver Flush:

I’ve made a list of what foods work on this flush.  I’d rather focus on what I CAN eat, instead of what to avoid.  So these foods worked well this last time:

Salmon and fish



Fruits  – berries, pineapple, bananas, and dates


Potatoes – just not greasy/fried.  Probably a baked potato with non-dairy toppings is best

Yucca and plantains


Bagels (most bagels are egg-less and without dairy)


Jelly/fruit preserves

Rice milk, agave nectar (I put these in my coffee this time)

Possible:  short-bread and biscuits (check ingredients)

I did drink coffee throughout this entire flush, and I did even “cheat” a bit with birthday cake.  I noticed I was more nauseous this time too.  So I recommend staying as close to the guidelines as possible (as much as I hate rules!).

I noticed very few stones this flush and they were very small.  I probably won’t repeat the flush for 6 months or more unless I notice fatigue increasing.


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